Weird fashion clothes

Why do designers make weird and hilarious style publications?

First of all, think of a fashion runway as an art museum or gallery, because the majority of what goes down the catwalks is intended to be art and not commercially worn garments for everyday activities by the people.

Some designers use the runway and fashion shows as an opportunity to showcase their unique creativity. They are looking to use what is considered weird and hilarious to toggle the curiosity of the people in order to show off their artistic genius. Check online for list of fashion accessories shop reviews

They create these weird designs then have some celebrities wear them, which in turn makes it gain popularity. Not only does the design and the designer get far more recognition when it’s being worn by a top celebrity, but it also might make its way into the mainstream culture.

Eventually all these crazy ideas trickle down and get filtered out by mass market designers to create the clothes which you and I wear today. Visit for customer comments and reviews about fashion jewelry shops

Additionally, all these weird designs are created to generate massive traffic to their brand. Every designer intends to sell. No designer could survive if it were only manufacturing unwearable clothes, especially considering the budget and effort it takes to create that style.

Actually, those and weird  pieces you see on the runway will never end up in boutiques and department stores.

Below are some hilarious designs..

1.  Carrying the clothes

When it comes to choosing the right clothes for you, you need to be able to tell the difference between you wearing the clothes and the clothes wearing you. Too often can garments overpower the person wearing them, and this is what this outfit is trying to show.

2.  Pretty in pink

One of the best things about fashion is that you can cater your style to your favorite color. We don’t know if this is a skirt or a shirt or if it’s a shirt and skirt. We’re not quite sure what the overall garment is supposed to be, but we have to say that the styling is super strange.

3.  Seeing is believing

Well, this designer certainly hit the nail on the head with this particular look. While we can certainly get behind the black jeans, there’s something about the rest of the outfit that just seems a little off and hilarious. Is it the shirt? Is it the way that the model is walking?. We really don’t know but the design is super weird.

4.  Letting loose

It is often said that fashion is one of the best forms of expression you could ask for, and there’s no doubt about the fact that some people do take full advantage of that and this is what this weird design is all about.

5.  All about personal space

We can only assume that this outfit was designed by an introvert who just really wanted to show off their artistic genius. Personal space is pretty important, and this runway would definitely cause the general public to give a wide berth. We can’t tell if it’s genius or just ridiculously strange. We will go with both.