Versace sent 3 plus-size models down runway for 1st time at Milan Fashion Week

For the first time ever, Versace invited three plus-size models to walk the runway at Milan Fashion Week, signaling a massive step forward for body inclusivity in the world of designer fashion.

Precious Lee, Jill Kortleve, and Alva Claire walked the runway last Friday during the iconic fashion house’s show. The trio wore bright, printed tops and dresses, showing off the collection’s “under the sea” theme. Versace’s spring/summer collection is inspired by the “beauty and vibrancy of nature,” according to the fashion house.

The significance of the moment was celebrated by all three models on their Instagram pages, where they shared more about what it means to them and snapshots and videos from their Versace debut.

“I’m so emotional writing this, to walk for the iconic Versace has always been a huge dream of mine!” Claire shared on Instagram, alongside a photo of herself walking the runway. “We made history with this and I will never forget how I feel right now! This moment is for all of us!!!”

Lee wrote on Instagram that she would “never forget this moment and how I felt before walking out.”

“The power and beauty of this brand has ALWAYS inspired me & now to be the first… wow,” she wrote.

Kortleve called last Friday’s show a “historical moment” and said she “can’t believe it actually happened.”

“Im still shaking. Im so so so proud of us @alvaclaire @preciousleexoxo. It’s so unbelievable to work for brands I always dreamt of working for,” she wrote on Instagram. “I hope that we open the doors for a new generation with the same dreams but who never saw themselves in the magazines or the commercials.”

Other fashion houses, including Tommy Hilfiger and Fendi, have also hired plus-sized models to walk in previous shows. With more fashion houses on board, it seems some of the fashion community is moving toward a new era where people of all shapes can be celebrated.

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