Thangs Grows to 10K Registered Users and 1 Million 3D Model Uploads in Six Weeks

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Sept. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Physna, Inc., the world leader in geometric search technology, is pleased to announce the rapid continued growth of the Thangs community. In just six weeks, the Thangs community has surpassed 10,000 registered users, and more than one million 3D models have been uploaded by the fast-growing Thangs community.

Thangs, the world’s most powerful search engine and collaboration platform for 3D models, launched in mid-August to provide groundbreaking tools for 3D model designers, engineers and 3D printing enthusiasts around the world. The platform’s rapid growth and adoption rate have helped Thangs grow more powerful since its launch last month: Every 3D model uploaded to Thangs helps its core technology understand the physical world even better.

“Thangs was created to address a huge void in search, collaboration and productivity tools for 3D model creators, and the way it has resonated with that community in such a short time is a testament to that vision and the platform’s benefits,” said Physna CEO Paul Powers. “This rapid growth is a promising beginning, and every member of the Thangs community will play a valuable role in the evolution and future success of the platform.”

Fueling the swift growth of its user community and 3D model database, Thangs has introduced several new features that put additional powers and collaboration tools in creators’ hands since its launch. The creator community is at the heart of Thangs’ mission, and these new features have been developed and implemented based on direct feedback from the platform’s user base.

Available immediately to all members of the Thangs community, new features include:

Geometric search enhancements: Thangs now makes it easier than ever to find related 3D models in search results, and the user experience has been refined on search results pages. Physna’s powerful geometric search engine now identifies “parent” models in matching results and provides search results for user-created collections of 3D models.

Community experience enhancements: Thangs has improved the social experience to streamline community connections and help Thangs users share comments and kudos. Community members can follow content creators and receive notifications whenever they upload new creations. Better yet, every Thangs user has the power to make the community stronger in the future by submitting ideas and comments through the new user feedback form on the site.

Helpful features for Thangs beginners: Thangs is all about exploring and collaborating on creative ideas, and we’ve obliterated the barrier for entry for beginners. Our UX refinements explain the details of key features such as geometric search and shared folders, and we’ve simplified the process of uploading models and creating collaborative folders for new users.

“I see Thangs as the future of 3D model communities with powerful search and user collaboration,” said Will Kasten, 3D Designer and Engineering Consultant.

About Thangs

Engineers, industrial designers and 3D-printing enthusiasts understand the massive challenges of working with 3D data. The most important aspects of their work must be done manually, and the lack of efficient and intuitive tools often makes them far less productive than software developers.

Thangs fixes that. It brings industry-leading search and collaboration capabilities to the world of 3D data, giving hardware developers access to the same vital resources that have long been available to software developers.

Thangs is powered by Physna’s industry-leading geometric deep-learning engine, which comprehends the “physical DNA” of objects in ways that have never been possible before. As a result, Thangs finds 3D models quickly, identifies them accurately, understands the relationships between models and components and makes your own 3D models smarter. In addition to its powerful search capabilities, Thangs introduces collaboration tools that 3D model creators have long been waiting for, such as automated version control and easy collaboration on team projects.

As a result, creators can go from the design phase to the build phase faster than ever. Search results are fast and accurate. Deeper data about each 3D model is revealed. Identifying similarities and differences between 3D models is automatic, making version control easier than ever. And creators have access to convenient collaboration tools that they’ve never had before.

About Physna

Physna, Inc., is the industry leader in geometric deep-learning technology. Our software bridges the gap between the physical world and digital code, codifying the 3D world through a deeper understanding of the physical properties of real-world objects and the relationships between them. We are changing the future of engineering, industrial design and procurement and putting new powers in the hands of innovators and creators, one 3D model at a time.

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