Broncos Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach Emily Zaler

Sports always played a huge role in every aspect of Emily Zaler’s life. Zaler was raised by a single mom and seeing her mother’s own strength shaped the way she lives her life as an adult. 

Her mother taught her early on, “When you get knocked down, get right back up.” 

As a kid, Zaler was always the only girl playing football in the street with the neighborhood kids. Emily started playing soccer at the age of five and from then on, began to work towards her dream of earning a college scholarship. Zaler grew up going to Arizona Cardinals games with her family but never saw women coaching on the sidelines. 

“Because I couldn’t see it, the thought never crossed my mind that I could actually work in the NFL,” Zaler says. 

Playing Division I soccer is where her passion for coaching really developed. It was then that she

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