the youthful beauty tricks behind Kamala Harris’s confident look

In comparison, many other female politicians of recent time, such as Hillary Clinton and Theresa May, would focus on heavier, matte make-up, pillar-box red lipsticks and powdered blusher. Their image is therefore harsher and sterner – which is what makes Harris’s more relaxed approach to make-up so much more appealing. Strength actually lies in a soft and subtle approach now, instead of the traditional bold red lip and fully lined eyes.

“Kamala Harris is a modern politician who understands that you don’t have to trade-off looking professional with taking care of your appearance,” says celebrity make-up artist Ruby Hammer. “She’s got foundation on, but applied in a non-obvious way with a brushing of powder on top – which she’d need under the bright studio last night.” However, although she’s ‘genetically blessed with good skin’, Hammer thinks the strategic use of a subtle base make-up makes her look fresh and youthful. 

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