Anita Hill Study Finds Women Twice as Likely to Be Bullied at Work

Bullying runs rampant in Hollywood and is largely unchecked, serving as a gateway to sexual harassment and abuse in the workplace. And women are twice as likely to experience abusive workplace conduct than men.

These troubling, yet perhaps unsurprising, pieces of information come from Anita Hill’s Hollywood Commission, which has released its third round of research from a groundbreaking industry-wide survey that aims to improve workplace safety and equality across all of entertainment. The survey, which was conducted over the course of three months, included nearly 10,000 participants who are working in Hollywood.

“I was told that, ‘It’s not illegal to be an a–hole,’” one survey participant wrote anonymously.

“I see that bullying is becoming more and more of an issue — it’s just an abuse of power in a different form,” another anonymous participant said. “And if you don’t put up with it, they will hire someone else who

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Three Ways to Choose Wedding Vendors Who Will Work Well Together

Milkos / Getty Images

In a perfect world, you’d never need to think twice about whether your wedding vendors mesh well—after all, they’re industry professionals focused on the same goal: your happiness. Well, most of the time. “Sometimes, people just don’t get along,” says planner Michelle Rago of Michelle Rago Destinations. “There is an advantage when a team is harmonious and they get along well and they are supporting each other in the outcome of your day. If somebody likes somebody, and they see something is wrong but it’s not their lane, they’re more likely to jump in and be a team player.” Incorporate these three tips into your wedding vendor selection process to create a team that works for you—literally.

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Ask your venue consultant for tips.

Many wedding venues keep a detailed list of recommended

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Here’s how Drew Barrymore’s Flower Beauty hair tools work on textured hair

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As a Black woman with type 4 hair, I don’t necessarily trust hair tools from brands that claim they’re “for all hair types.” With that said, one of Drew Barrymore’s new Flower Beauty hair tools kind of made me eat my words. 

Hopefully, you’re no stranger to Barrymore’s Flower Beauty makeup brand. Now, the actor and talk show host is expanding the line with six new Flower Beauty hair tools. The line includes an Ionic Pro Dryer, a travel Ionic Pro Dryer, a Ceramic Straightening Brush, a Ceramic Styling Iron, a Titanium Rotating Styling Iron and — the device I tried — the Ionic Volumizing Styler.

Throughout quarantine,

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I Work in Fashion, and These Are the 13 Deals I’m Shopping on Amazon Prime Day


Amazon Prime Day is every fashionista’s dream. The massive two-day site sale includes everything from cashmere sweaters to delicate jewelry to heavy-duty winter coats to timeless booties, all at majorly discounted prices. It’s a dream come true for people looking to upgrade their wardrobe while being smart about savings, which is why I’ve been waiting for Amazon Prime Day all year.

The only caveat is that there are thousands of products put on sale, which can make it hard to find the must-have pieces you’ll be grateful to have bought. That’s why I’ve made your online shopping experience easier by listing 13 of the best fashion deals you can get at the Amazon Prime Day sale. From a zodiac-inspired necklace to a pair of Ray-Ban glasses that’ll be an instant wardrobe staple, here are my picks.

1. Hermah 26 Gold-Plated Square Initial Letter Necklace

hellogiggles Available at Amazon


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How bold leadership can equalize the future of work for BIPOC

Technology, an industry that promises innovation and meritocracy, is at a moment of reckoning. Major technology companies have come under fire from elected officials, social justice leaders, and the general public for neglecting important social responsibilities in both external and internal operations, largely by allowing racism to run rampant on social platforms and by creating toxic, homogeneous work environments that deter many from pursuing a career in the field or advancing.

This backlash is representative of a longstanding issue in Silicon Valley and in other technology hubs, where women and people of color—specifically women of color—are often denied jobs for which they’re qualified or are passed up for promotion and leadership opportunities due to unconscious or conscious bias. The impact of this exclusion is devastating, leaving not just individuals but families and communities behind, and forcing a ripple effect through the entire economy.

The solution? Bold leadership from the public

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Woman in wedding dress ambushes boyfriend at work and demands they get married ‘right now’ in viral video

People usually don’t go to work on the day of their wedding. Also, they usually know it’s their wedding day.

Video of a woman seemingly surprising her boyfriend while he’s at work with a wedding recently went viral. According to the footage, the bride-to-be simply showed up while her (maybe) fiancé was in the middle of his shift at Target. Based on his reaction, he seemed to have no idea.

According to the post on TikTok, the footage was filmed at a Target in Las Vegas. In the first video, a woman wearing a wedding dress can be seen wandering the store with a man in a priest’s outfit, another woman and a man filming on his camera phone.

In the second video, which has gone viral, the bride-to-be has seemingly found her boyfriend (in the Halloween aisle). As onlookers gather, she demands that he put a ring on her

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‘Bridezilla’ in wedding dress ambushes her fiance at work and demands he marries her on the spot or she’s ‘done’

A “BRIDEZILLA” has been caught ambushing her fiance at work and demanding he marries her on the spot, or she’s “done”.

The unnamed woman, who’s in a wedding dress, stormed into popular American chain Target, where her fiance works, to make the demands.

A bride was caught on camera ambushing her her fiance at work, in a wedding dress


A bride was caught on camera ambushing her her fiance at work, in a wedding dressCredit: Tik Tok / @boymom_ashley
The bride tells her beau to 'commit or she's done' in the TikTok video


The bride tells her beau to ‘commit or she’s done’ in the TikTok videoCredit: Tik Tok / @boymom_ashley

She was flanked by a bridesmaid and a priest – and the whole thing was caught on camera by baffled shopper @boymom_ashley – who posted a video on TikTok.

“You put this ring on my finger two years ago and it’s time to do it or get out,” the bride is filmed telling her fiance, who’s in the middle of restocking shelves with Halloween costumes

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Remote Work Is Here To Stay. So Why Not Do It In Style?

By now, many of us have accepted the idea that office life as we know it is never coming back. At least not for the foreseeable future. And even if it does, it may look very different to what we’re used to. Remote working has been our reality for the last six months, and it may well continue to be until a COVID-19 vaccine is developed.

Back when we thought this was only a temporary glitch, many of us made do with what we had. We bought standing desks and back pillows from Amazon and got creative, turning corners of our apartments and homes into makeshift home offices. (Sometimes with amusing results.)

But these setups were only ever meant to be temporary. Faced with a reality that will likely include years of remote work, many people are now seeking long-term solutions. Faced with a sluggish travel market, companies like Airbnb

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Microsoft moves to ‘hybrid workplace’ model; will allow some employees to work from home permanently

After almost 8 months of remote work, companies in the Seattle area are beginning to unfold their blueprints of how and when employees will

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Women bear brunt of Covid-related work stress, UK study finds

Women are being disproportionately affected by a rise in mental health problems caused by increasing workloads as people do their jobs from home amid the pandemic.

a person standing in front of a laptop computer: Photograph: borchee/Getty Images

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Photograph: borchee/Getty Images

The length of the working day has increased steadily, resulting in a 49% rise in mental distress reported by employees when compared with 2017-19. Women are bearing the brunt of problems as they juggle work and childcare, according to a report by the 4 Day Week campaign and thinktanks Compass and Autonomy.

The report, Burnout Britain, comes a day before World Mental Health Day and shows that women are 43% more likely to have increased their hours beyond a standard working week than men, and for those with children, this was even more clearly associated with mental health problems: 86% of women who are carrying out a standard working week alongside childcare, which is more than

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