Native American furs, hides sold at War Bonnet in Shawno, Wisconsin


The War Bonnet Native American gift shop in Shawano sells traditional Indigenous crafts made from animal hides and pelts. (Photo: Karen and Leo Dillenburg)

SHAWANO – Many of the artisan suppliers of goods to the War Bonnet Native American gift shop in Shawano still live and work much in the same way people did hundreds of years ago.

Owners Karen and Leo Dillenburg said some of the hunters and trappers they do business with are so off-grid that sometimes the only way to contact them is through a very old-fashioned system.

“Most still live in the bush and it’s really hard to find them,” Leo Dillenburg said.

These rugged tradespeople live in the wild in Canada’s remote Yukon and Northwest territories or Alaska.

For some, the Dillenburgs have to leave a note containing an order for fur and leather goods at the nearest small village on an Indigenous reservation

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Dairyland Old-Fashioned Hamburgers, Oak Creek: Wisconsin tradition


Bacon cheeseburgers are on the menu at Dairyland, a new order-online takeout burger spot at 924 E. Rawson Ave. in Oak Creek and, soon, a food trailer. (Photo: Courtesy of Dairyland)

With Wisconsin’s burger and frozen custard stands as its inspiration, the new restaurant Dairyland Old-Fashioned Hamburgers is selling burgers and chicken sandwiches via takeout in Oak Creek and, soon, a food trailer.

It’s operated by three chefs with backgrounds in fine dining who also know their way around everyday sandwiches and sweets: Kurt Fogle, Katie Fogle and Joe McCormick. 

“Dairyland is the tradition, the culture of who we are and where we come from — knowing that the best burger and custard places in the world are kind of centralized here,” McCormick said. 

All three remember visiting burger and custard stands with family while growing up, which is what spurred them to launch Dairyland.

“When you think of

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