Showcasing the Interplay of Jewelry and Fashion

Galleries can be stuffy places, but at the Tiina Smith Jewelry Gallery in Boston, “People coming in don’t know what to expect.”

So says the owner of the 3,000-square-foot gallery, located at 121 Newbury Street in a former drawing room of a brownstone with bay windows and Murano lighting, reimagined as a old-style salon from the early 1900s.

“We don’t just take things out of cases and show you,” said Smith. “Here you can really reach out and touch. My gallery is not like a museum where it’s all untouchable.”

For her current exhibit, titled “Jewelry as Fashion as Jewelry,” Smith did tap some museum expertise by partnering with Michelle Finamore, the former Penny Vinik Curator of Fashion Arts at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts.

“When Michelle came into the picture we agreed to think about what fashion would be most suitable for the exhibit. Michelle was really the curator.

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