Shampoo police show ugly side of beauty industry

Hair braider Dara Collier knows her craft. She started practicing twists and weaves as a child, until she mastered each look.

Customers near Atlanta appreciate her advanced skills, but Georgia regulators will not let her do something more basic: shampooing.

Washing clients’ hair outside a state-approved salon without cosmetology credentials is illegal in Georgia. As a self-employed braider, Collier does not need an occupational license to run her business in Georgia.

But that also means she cannot legally cleanse hair — something she would like to do as an extra precaution during COVID-19.

Regulators do not care that shampoo is safe, sold over-the-counter and routinely used at home by children. “It does not make a lot of sense,” Collier says.

Other states impose even stricter licensing rules, treating shampoo like a controlled substance.

A 2017 Institute for Justice analysis showed that 37 jurisdictions specifically mandated licensure for shampoo assistants

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Kanye West, daughter North, 5, don ‘Vote Kanye’ shirts at London fashion show

Kanye West used a London fashion show as an opportunity to remind the public that he’s still in the running for president in the November election.

The rapper, 43, and his daughter, North, 5, were spotted in London, England, on Friday for the Bottega Veneta fashion show. The daddy-daughter duo was photographed each wearing matching black sweatshirts that read “Vote Kanye” in bold white letters.

The Bottega Veneta Salon collection was presented at Sadler’s Wells Theatre. In one photo, West and his daughter walk closely together on the streets of London rocking his presidential merch. West wore a pair of black sunglasses and army pants to complete his look. Both he and North also wore face masks. 

In another frame, West adoringly looks down at his daughter who is seen with a smile on her face. At one point, West switched up his look to rock a bright blue T-shirt

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Authentic beauty and beast take stage in school show

Lumiere, played by Will Thompson, is part of an impressive looking lineup in Freyberg High School’s Beauty and the Beast.

David Unwin/Stuff

Lumiere, played by Will Thompson, is part of an impressive looking lineup in Freyberg High School’s Beauty and the Beast.

An epic array of costumes has ensured Freyberg High School’s Beauty and the Beast production looks every bit as good as the Disney film.

The Palmerston North school’s production this year runs from October 20-24.

The impressive costumes are owned by a Christchurch woman, but were made by Weta Workshop and make sure the young cast look the part.

About 120 students are involved in the show, including cast, orchestra and production. The orchestra started preparing in November and stage rehearsals started in February, before Covid-19 delayed things.

* Young leaders cut from the same cloth
* Young people take the reins in retelling of Beauty and the Beast
* Hawera’s $100,000 show’s rehearsals have started

Beauty and the Beast is on at Freyberg High School from October 20-24.

David Unwin/Stuff

Beauty and the Beast is on at Freyberg

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Robin Thede on ‘A Black Lady Sketch Show’ and Hiring Black Writers

Robin Thede isn’t just a writer, producer, reality show host and actor, she is also a one-woman employment agency.

Over the past year, as many across the film and television industry have claimed they want to do better with inclusion of women and BIPOC in front of and behind the camera, Thede has found herself having many “really specific” and frank conversations about how to do so.

Although this is not something Thede only started doing this year, the demand for her attention has increased, partially due to the racial reckoning the country and the industry is experiencing.

“This year, specifically, I called a bunch of the late-night showrunners that I knew didn’t have any Black writers and I had really, really open and honest conversations with them about the need to hire Black people on their staff,” Thede says.

That is why, in addition to her ground-breaking work on

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Rihanna apologizes for sacred Islamic verse at Savage x Fenty fashion show

Pop star Rihanna has apologized to the Muslim community after she was criticized for using a song at her fashion show that included a sacred Islamic verse.

What happened:

  • Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty fashion show debuted on Amazon Prime on Oct 2.
  • The event included models of different sizes, races and genders.
  • At one point, models danced to a song that included audio of someone reading the Hadith, which is “the holy narrative of the Prophet Mohammad that is deeply revered by the Muslim community,” NBC News reports.

Rihanna issued an apology soon after.

  • “I’d like to thank the Muslim community for pointing out a huge oversight that was unintentionally offensive in our savage x fenty show,” Rihanna wrote in an Instagram story. “I would more importantly like to apologize to you for this honest, yet careless mistake. We understand that we have hurt many of our Muslim brothers and
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Rihanna apologizes to Muslim community for “unintentionally offensive” use of song during fashion show

Rihanna’s fashion show for her lingerie brand, Savage X Fenty, was held last week despite the coronavirus pandemic, and the star-studded event was streamed on Amazon Prime. Some viewers honed in on one of the songs used, “Doom” by Coucou Chloe, which some deemed offensive. 

Rihanna has now apologized to the Muslim community for using the song during the show. 

Entertainment Tonight reports the 2016 song includes a narration of Hadith, sayings and actions of the Muslim Prophet Muhammad, about the end of the world and the afterlife. The Hadith is a sacred text to Muslims.

After several people pointed out that the song includes a remixed reading of the sacred text, Rihanna and the artist behind the song posted apologies on social media. 

“I’d like to thank the Muslim community for pointing out a huge oversight that was unintentionally offensive in our Savage X Fenty show,” Rihanna wrote

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Microscopic photos show the hidden beauty of an invisible world

We know that wildlife photos of large mammals and wide open vistas can be breathtaking, but you know what doesn’t get enough of a look in?

Close-up shots. As in microscopic, invisible-to-the-naked-eye kind of shots.

Enter the Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition, which celebrates images taken using microscopes and has today announced the winning photos for its 2020 contest. It comes weeks after announcing the winners of the video competition, which are equally stunning.

From orange microtubules inside a cell to the colourful tongue of a freshwater snail, and in no particular order, here are the top 20…

Hebe plant anther with pollen.

Hebe plant anther with pollen.

Image: Dr. Robert Markus & Zsuzsa Markus

Leaf roller weevil (Byctiscus betulae) lateral view.

Leaf roller weevil (Byctiscus betulae) lateral view.

Image: Özgür Kerem Bulur

Microtubules (orange) inside a cell. Nucleus is shown in cyan.

Microtubules (orange) inside a cell. Nucleus is shown in cyan.

Connections between hippocampal neurons (brain cells).

Connections between hippocampal neurons (brain cells).

Image: Jason Kirk & Quynh Nguyen

Crystals formed after heating an ethanol and water solution containing L-glutamine and beta-alanine.

Crystals formed after heating an ethanol and

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Rihanna Apologizes to Muslim Fans After Using Sacred Islamic Verses in Her Savage x Fenty Fashion Show

From Cosmopolitan

  • Rihanna hosted her Savage x Fenty fashion show last week and used sacred Islamic verse to soundtrack her show.

  • After receiving backlash for the incident, Rih issued an apology on Instagram.

Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty show came, saw, and conquered our computer and phone screens last week. I mean, given the fact that there were sooooo many celebrity faces participating in the show—like Paris Hilton, Erika Jayne, Bella Hadid, and more—it was all that people could talk about over the weekend. But something else that people couldn’t stop discussing? The fact that Rih used hadith, the sacred sayings of the prophet Muhammad used to guide Muslims, to soundtrack her show.

According to a Twitter user, Rih’s inclusion of hadith as music was a massive oversight. “As a Muslim, no words can describe how disappointed I am with Rihanna for letting her models dance to hadith,” the person wrote.

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Christopher John Rogers’s SS21 Show Made Natural Beauty Look Glam

Ever since his New York Fashion Week debut, Christopher John Rogers has turned his shows into one of the most anticipated events during fashion month. And while the coronavirus pandemic has changed what fashion week looks like, CJR still managed to put on quite the show on October 6, thanks to the CFDA’s Runway 360. 

The clothes shown on the platform were reminiscent of many of his past collections. Pieces were colorful, daring, and eye-catching. Inspired by happiness, this collection sparked pure joy. To achieve said joy, which is very much needed these days, Christopher chose life itself as his standpoint. In particular: Childhood and its seemingly limitless playfulness. 

The designer envisioned little kids drawing with crayons and markers, reminiscing about the starter pack of crayons we used to get before starting school. Think Crayola, but make it fashion! “Something as immense and formidable as the sun can be reduced

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