This season’s newest home design books offer something for every style

Interior design books out this fall document one of the year’s strongest décor trends: color, and loads of it. Designers such as Mark D. Sikes, Markham Roberts, Katie Ridder and James Farmer all show a lively mix of color, pattern and style in their recent projects.

Every page is full of inspiration for your own projects, showing you how to mix and match — or not match at all — and love it.

Dominic Bradbury’s new architecture book, “The Iconic American House,” compiles 50 well-known iconic and innovative homes built in the U.S. since 1902. They’re traditional and modern, and each comes with an interesting story.

Here are six new architecture and design books worth a closer look.

“The Iconic American House,” by Dominic Bradbury

(Thames & Hudson; $65; 320 pp.)

You’ve heard of Philip Johnson’s Glass House, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, Edith Wharton’s The Mount and the Annenbergs’ Sunnylands

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Podcast: Vikings get season’s first win in dramatic fashion

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Ben Goessling, Andrew Krammer and Chip Scoggins recap the Vikings’ 31-23 win in Houston, including standout performances by Justin Jefferson and Dalvin Cook, as well as safety Harrison Smith’s ejection.

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How to Comfortably Pose for Outdoor Wedding Photos During the Colder Seasons

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Winter weddings offer a host of beautiful scenery options—snow capped mountains, a cooler color palette, and deep green foliage—but they also come along with their own set of challenges. One example? How do you pose for outdoor wedding photos when the temperatures call for parkas and mittens? According to these two photographers, you do it by planning ahead.

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Wear Warm Wedding Attire

Well before the big day, photographer Jenny DeMarco says you should start thinking about attire for your outdoor wedding photos. Of course, you’ll already have your dress, but it’s important to look for outwear and accessories that make it look like staying warm outdoors was the plan all along—throwing a coat over your gown just won’t cut it. DeMarco suggests vintage faux fur wraps and cute scarves, and also urges her couples to give everyone in

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