Man reunited with wedding ring after he lost it on the Gold Coast’s Burleigh Beach

Metal detector reunites wife with her husband’s lost wedding ring after miraculously finding it buried in sand on a beach

  • Man who lost wedding ring at Burleigh Beach thought he had lost it for good
  • The buried gold band picked up by Karen Preston’s metal detector hours later
  • She has since reunited the ring with its owner through power of social media

A relieved man has been reunited with his wedding ring after he lost it during a family outing at a Gold Coast beach. 

The father-of-two and his young family spent hours desperately hunting for the solid gold band after he lost it at Burleigh Beach on Monday and thought they would never see it again.

Treasure hunter Karen ‘Kazz’ Preston discovered the ring buried 20 centimetres deep in

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Husband reunited with wedding ring he lost in the sea off the Isle of Wight

Stunned husband, 54, is reunited with wedding ring he lost while ‘splashing about’ in the sea off the Isle of Wight after it was found by an 11-year-old girl in ‘one in a million’ discovery

  • Matt Eastley, 54, lost his wedding ring in the sea on August 6 on the Isle of Wight
  • He asked Toni from Toni’s Tea Rooms to get in contact if the ring should turn up
  • The next day Priya Sahu, 11, discovered the ring in the sand on the same beach
  • Working with her mother Aswita, the pair reunited Mr Eastley and his lost ring

A wedding ring that was lost in the sea has been returned to its owner after a mother and daughter found it washed up on the Isle of Wight.

Communications worker Matt

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