Have Celebrity Beauty Brands Replaced Celebrity Fragrances?

The early 2000s had flip phones, low-rise jeans, and celebrity perfume lines. Fast forward two decades and flip phones are back (now with touchscreens, thanks to Samsung) and celebs like Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa are bringing back low-rise jeans. Celebrity perfume lines, however, have been replaced by something bigger: celebrity beauty brands.

In the aughts, you’d pick up a print magazine and find a sample of Paris Hilton’s Fairy Dust, Britney Spears’s Fantasy, or Hilary Duff’s With Love. Today, you’re more likely to scroll through your Instagram and TikTok feeds and see your favorite celebrity (slash influencer) promoting their namesake brand, whether it’s makeup, skin care, or both. Fashion’s cyclical nature is well-explored, but what about beauty? To understand this new trend in beauty entrepreneurship, Teen Vogue reached out to beauty historian and consultant Rachel Weingarten.

Obsession over celebrities’ beauty ways is nothing new. Weingarten dates society’s fascination with

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Marks and Spencer Beauty Advent Calendar 2020 replaced with NEW Beauty Edit

BAD news beauty fans, Marks and Spencer’s Beauty Advent Calendar is no more this Christmas.

Instead we’re being treated to the all new Beauty Edit – but what is it?

Marks and Spencer has revealed an alternative to their famous Calendar


Marks and Spencer has revealed an alternative to their famous Calendar Credit: M&S

The new Beauty Edit will include a line up of 10 beauty buys curated by M&S’ in house beauty experts.

Rather than 25 treats to count down to Christmas, instead the Edit will focus on ten chosen pieces, and we’ll be able to get our hands on it much earlier too, as the Beauty Edit will hit our stores in October.

The high street favourite revealed all on their website, saying: “This year, we didn’t want to wait until December to give you a beauty treat.

“So, instead of the beauty advent calendar, we bring you The Beauty Edit – an incredible line-up of 10 beauty

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