Charting relic Biden’s low opinion of women and people of color

With all the news that is always breaking, very often some of the more important events and information fly under the radar.

Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden has reaped the benefits of a legacy media that is working overtime to protect him from any inquiry or oversight into his behavior and comments, amusingly referred to as “gaffes.” But the bizarre and inappropriate remarks aren’t exclusively the result of cognitive decline; rather he is also a living example of the sort of person who thrived in the destructive and bureaucratic monstrosity in Washington, D.C., which has no standards and dispenses no repercussions.

This matters especially now as the swamp would prefer we not remember how they abused us as we head to Nov. 3. Unfortunately for them, Mr. Biden’s attitude and remarks do remind us, and they’re nothing new. His entire political career has been peppered

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