Airport Service Providers Need to Reassess Business Model to be Resilient to External Shocks: Kearney

As the pandemic has severely impacted the aviation sector, a report by Kearney has suggested that there is a need for airport service providers to reassess their business models to become more resilient to external shocks.

The report noted that Covid-19 has brought the aviation sector to a grinding halt. External disruptions and catastrophes in the past indicate that the sector is particularly prone to being severely hit by such events.

Demand has taken a significant downturn, which inevitably impacts the supply-side ecosystem and erodes value for service providers, including airlines and airport developers and operators.

“As a result, there is an urgent need for these service providers to reassess their business models and explore business diversification strategies to make themselves more resilient to external shocks,” said the report titled aBuilding future-ready airport business models’.

Manish Mathur, partner and head of Kearney’s Asia Pacific, Transportation and Infrastructure Practice noted that

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Denver Homeless Service Providers Setting Up Safe-Camping Site Model

While proponents of an official safe-camping site haven’t yet been able to set up camp in the city, they want to show Denver residents what such a spot would look like.

“I think people don’t understand what we’re proposing. A lot of people think that we would sanction camping like it currently exists. What we’re trying to do is show how this is different,” says Cole Chandler, director of the Colorado Village Collaborative, one of the organizations working on the Safe Outdoor Spaces program that proposes to establish safe-camping sites in Denver.

This weekend, Chandler and others pushing the initiative will host an open house at a safe-camping site model in the parking lot of the Belong Church at East 16th Avenue and Ogden Street.

“It’s going to be a small site,” Chandler explains. “Just four tents. We’re setting it up to show what the spacing would look like and

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