Parents are impressed with mum’s four-gift rule for birthdays

Try this for your kids’ birthdays (Picture: Facebook)

A savvy mum from Australia has shared the hack she uses when sorting out birthday presents for the kids.

Mum Jypsie said when picking out the gifts, she considers four things – something her daughter wants, needs, can read, and can wear.

Jypsie wrote on a Facebook group that her daughter was turning five and wanted a skipping rope, hair chalk, and a secret diary.

The daughter also picked out sandals, a swimming costume, a pair of shorts to wear, and chose a fairy book to read.

The youngster also needed a new toothbrush. 

Jypsie also chose to book a haircut for the little girl as she wanted the youngster to experience new things.

Though the simple hack has wowed other parents who said they’d be trying it out with their children, it’s not a new concept.

The ‘want, need, wear, read’

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Mum’s genius ‘four-gift rule’ is praised by hundreds of parents online

By Carina Stathis For Daily Mail Australia

05:40 08 Oct 2020, updated 05:40 08 Oct 2020

  • A savvy mum has shared her ‘four-gift rule’ she uses with her daughter  
  • Jypsie asks what she wants and needs, along with something to wear and read
  • This ensures the kids aren’t spoilt and allows parents to budget easily  
  • The clever idea was praised by hundreds of other mums on Facebook  

A clever Australian mum has shared the genius gift-giving trick she uses when celebrating birthdays.

Mum Jypsie said she uses the ‘four-gift rule’ with her daughter, and asks her to consider something she wants and need, along with something to wear and read.

‘My daughter turns fives this month, we stick to the four-gift rule in our house. It might not be much in some people’s eyes but it’s all she wanted and expressed interest in over the last few weeks along with

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