Black women are leading the movement to end police violence

But one thing is clear: The nation is paying close attention to what unfolds in this case. And that is because of the activism of Black women. Black women have taken the lead in finding alternate routes to obtain justice and achieve systemic change due to the inability of the criminal “justice” system to administer punishment in cases of police shootings.

Black women, including Taylor’s mother and sister, along with a network of writers and activists, built on this tradition of activism to bring national attention to the Taylor case. Despite the recent grand jury decision, Black female activists will continue to be at the forefront of a national movement to bring about tangible changes in American policing.

During the 20th century, Black female activists brought significant attention to the problem of police violence, often focusing specifically on the vulnerability of Black women. In a 1930 newspaper article, Madame Stephanie

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Why the sustainable fashion movement should always include plus-size people

Aja Barber is an American writer, stylist and consultant who lives in London. Her work focuses on sustainability and ethics within the fashion industry and how all those topics intersect with race, feminism and colonization. The opinions expressed in this article belong to the author.

As a person who has lived through many shifts in the fashion industry, I have often seen new trends positioned as a move towards making the industry more inclusive.

The rise of the fashion blogger extended power and authority beyond a select group of magazine editors; the use of live streaming to broadcast shows meant everyone could get a front row view of fashion week; and social media has created a truly global and open forum for conversations about fashion in identity, politics and beyond.

But despite these promising developments, we are still a long way out from a truly inclusive fashion industry.

Black Lives
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