Coronavirus: Fears of supply shortages across Quebec prompt surge in shopping – Montreal

Shoppers, retailers and health authorities have all observed a recent spike in shopping, as Canada’s second coronavirus wave and the prospect of impending lockdowns leave many concerned about grocery shortages.

But the increase isn’t just happening in stores.

“I’ve noticed a greater deal of activity of people online supermarket shopping,” Dr. Simon Bacon, an expert in behavioural epidemiology at Concordia University, told Global News.

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Time to stock up again? The likelihood of empty shelves in a second coronavirus wave

Last spring, after the pandemic was first declared and lockdowns began, scenes of crowds swarming grocery stores were common across the country as panicked shoppers lined up for hours to get certain items.

Bacon says there’s are a few reasons this kind of panic buying happens.

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“The first one is actually when there’s a potential to not have products,” he explained.

He also said shopping

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