The Originals: Michel Gaubert, Fashion’s Go-To Music Director | W Magazine


You have been in charge of the music at Chanel since the early 1990s, and have done the runway soundtracks for Moschino, Loewe, Dior, and Proenza Schouler, among others. Why do you think you’ve been the go-to music director in fashion for so long? 
I love fashion as much as I love music, if not more. I like what it means. I like the way it’s presented. I don’t know if I like the way it’s consumed, but I like the fact that it’s about an instant. Karl Lagerfeld once told me that what he likes the most about fashion is that when you look back at it, you know exactly when that was, because it looks of that time. 

Was it Lagerfeld who brought you into the fashion world? 
More or less. I think the person who really brought me into the fashion world was my mother. When I

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