Stella McCartney Closes Paris Fashion Week With Her ‘McCartney A To Z Manifesto’

For her SS21 womenswear collection, fashion designer Stella McCartney used, as she is calling ‘our global summer of pause’ to be reminded of why she’s a fashion designer so that she can give back her art to the world. Collaborating with twenty-six artists, people she has known throughout her design journey, McCartney asked if they’d pick one letter in the English alphabet and visualize the letter with free rein.

Putting her thoughts on what matters most, McCartney wanted to re-enter the post lockdown world being mindful and conscious, ‘but how does one do that,’ she pondered for months. She put what really matters the most into words and came up with a manifesto- The McCartney

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Stella McCartney Had a Question: ‘Why on Earth Would You Be in Fashion?’

This season Stella McCartney eschewed her normal slot during Paris Fashion Week for a slightly later reveal — with a twist. She’s not coming out just with a collection; she’s coming out with a whole lexicon of values, with each letter illustrated by a different artist.

Below, in an interview that has been edited, she explains why, and what it means.

There’s been a lot of talk about the pandemic changing the fashion value system, but you seem to have taken that literally.

I think, like all of us, I asked myself a lot of questions during lockdown. “Why do I do what I do? Why do people work at Stella McCartney? And why on earth would you be in fashion?”

I had all these sleepless nights, and then I woke up at like 4 o’clock in the morning and wrote down everything that really makes what I do important

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