For women in military combat, new armor is matter of life and death


WASHINGTON — For Air Force Maj. Julie Roloson, new body armor being fielded specifically for women is more than a matter of fit and weight. It could be life or death.

Roloson, 34, commands the 88th Security Forces Squadron at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and says the new vest, tailored to fit women and lighter than men’s versions, gives her a better chance to fight and shoot.

Fighting and shooting. Basic requirements for combat jobs, all of which the Pentagon opened to women five years ago. From helmets to accommodate a hair bun to maternity flight suits, gear designed for women is being developed and issued, changing the way the previously one-male-size-fits-all military outfits troops.

“So when you’re shooting the M-4, you need to have the butt of the weapon in a really pretty specific spot on your shoulder to ensure good stability,” Roloson said. “And that was always

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Coco Chanel Was A Nazi. Does It Matter For Fashion Today?

In fashion, few names carry such high esteem as Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel. The creator of the little black dress and the no.5 perfume that Marilyn Monroe wore to bed has had a huge influence from high end to high street and has been quoted into cliché with soundbites such as “a girl should two things: classy and fabulous.”

Today, a new retrospective of her work opens in Paris. “Gabrielle Chanel. Fashion Manifesto”, at the Palais Galleria has been created with the support of the Chanel brand and invites visitors to “explore a universe and a style that are truly timeless.”

There’s one aspect of Gabrielle Chanel’s universe that does feel out of place in 2020 though: her work for the Nazis.     

It’s well

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Couple’s pandemic wedding is a parking lot promise to love and cherish, no matter what


Carrie Grace McQuaid and John Michael Simpson exchanged vows on Sunday afternoon missing some of the trappings of a traditional wedding.

The bride didn’t get a dance with her dad, nor the groom with his mother. There was no dinner banquet for 250 guests. Some loved ones had to watch via Zoom.

The whole affair took place in a parking lot.

And yet, it was the perfect start for a couple’s matrimonial adventure: proof that, even in a pandemic, love finds a way.

“Super cute. Very Carrie,” guest Judy Strickland said at the end of the ceremony, which she and most of the others in attendance watched through their windshields. “If anybody could do this, Carrie is the one who could make it happen.”

Marrying in a parking lot was not Carrie’s original plan. But it hasn’t been a good year for plans.

A proposal with lip-synched Taylor

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Why it matters when Black Lives Matter clothing is banned

Formula One has banned drivers from wearing clothing bearing messages while performing official duties. The decision came after Lewis Hamilton wore a top at the Tuscan Grand Prix on 13 September that said “Arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor”.

Since March, celebrities have not shied away from wearing clothing in support of Black Lives Matter (BLM) at high-profile events – but not without a backlash. The Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka was told to “keep politics out of sport” when she brought seven face masks with the names of different victims of police brutality to the US Open. Almost 2,000 people complained to Ofcom – which has yet to decide whether to investigate – about the BLM necklace worn by Alesha Dixon on Britain’s Got Talent (only a few weeks after the programme received 24,500 complaints – later dismissed by the regulator – about a performance by the dance

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Milan fashion gives small opening to Black Lives Matter

Fabiola Manirakiza came to Italy after her parents were killed in her native Burundi in 1972. For her Made-in-Italy Kiza label, she incorporates patterns from her Bantu tribe, as taught by an elder sister, into her Western tailored silhouette, the influence of the Italian family who raised her.

‘’It is not just Italy that needs to see, it is the whole world,’’ said Manikrazia, whose creations were among those featured in the video presentation titled “We Are Made in Italy. Italy is Made of Us.”

The official Black Lives Matter in Italian fashion event is a first step in a process

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