Mary-Kate Olsen Swapped Out Her Wedding Ring for This Underrated $8 Accessory

TheImageDirect Mary Kate Olsen

It’s been five months since Mary-Kate Olsen and Oliver Sarkozy ended their marriage. Since then, the last time an Olsen twin was spotted was back in May when Ashley stuffed a laptop into a $39,000 The Row backpack only to set it down on the Manhattan sidewalk. The internet collectively gasped behind screens while Olsen continued to live her life, carrying our entire life’s savings slung over her shoulder and down the street.

Now, Mary-Kate has been spotted out again sans wedding ring while walking around New York with a friend looking happier than ever. Of course, very little seems to have changed and she wore a classic Mary-Kate look: a pair of big sunglasses, black ankle boots, and a $2,590 wool-blend coat from The Row. Apparently she’s back on the dating scene and so it feels right that she would swap out her wedding ring

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