Marlo Hampton Launches Le Archive Fashion Showroom

Marlo Hampton has done it all. The Real Housewives of Atlanta luxury-lover has worn many hats professionally (and personally, no doubt) from her days as a stylist, designer, and boutique owner to her current gig as the owner of HER Hair Collection. But now, Marlo is adding one more title to her resume with her new venture that involves no less than 5,000 pieces of designer fashion. 

Introducing Lé Archive, Marlo’s most recent pursuit that puts her couture curatorial skills to good use. The fashion showroom will house over 5,000 runway and archival luxury fashion looks, according to the brand’s website, that will be available for rental. But before you double check your credit limit, keep in mind that the stunning selection of runway styles is “strictly open to wardrobe stylist, fashion directors, costume designers, tastemakers, and creative directors only.” 

Lé Archive will house clothing, shoes, accessories, and of course

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