Why ELLE Magazine Makes The Perfect Gift


Imagine a gift that keeps getting delivered to their door month after month. A gift you can order securely online from the comfort of your home. Sound good? Here’s how.

All you need to do to is visit Hearstmagazines.co.uk, choose your offer, enter your details and the details of the lucky person you are treating to a subscription. Simple.

Deliver the exciting news with a free personalised eCard sent straight to their inbox. Or prefer to give something in person? Add a limited edition Hearst gift box to your order for just £2.

ELLE is the biggest selling fashion magazine brand in the world: bold, brave and zeitgeisty! We are proud to offer our readers unparalleled access to world-renowned designers, celebrities, models, photographers, writers, columnists and stylists. With a subscription they will never miss an issue with free UK delivery.

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We offer a

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The 6 Best New Beauty Tools and Facial Devices | W Magazine

Full Spectrum

The current, predominant trend in the beauty world isn’t a prized ingredient or treatment. Instead, there has been an onslaught of facial devices, tools, and gadgets on the market of late. Companies are finally giving consumers more of what they’ve always craved: access to professional-grade products. There isn’t a skin guru in town who doesn’t have a tool they swear by—and in terms of skincare, every beauty junkie knows the “face device after serum” step is gospel to an evening skin routine.

But like most trends that will eventually turn into beauty mainstays, there’s the inevitable game of deciphering quality from the duds. (My social media feed is rampant with face tool ads that appear misleading; testimonials run amok from relatively unknown people in their early 20s lauded as experts, assuring the public they know all about cell turnover and smooth skin.) There’s also a handful of devices that have

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The Originals: Michel Gaubert, Fashion’s Go-To Music Director | W Magazine


You have been in charge of the music at Chanel since the early 1990s, and have done the runway soundtracks for Moschino, Loewe, Dior, and Proenza Schouler, among others. Why do you think you’ve been the go-to music director in fashion for so long? 
I love fashion as much as I love music, if not more. I like what it means. I like the way it’s presented. I don’t know if I like the way it’s consumed, but I like the fact that it’s about an instant. Karl Lagerfeld once told me that what he likes the most about fashion is that when you look back at it, you know exactly when that was, because it looks of that time. 

Was it Lagerfeld who brought you into the fashion world? 
More or less. I think the person who really brought me into the fashion world was my mother. When I

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Meet the Southeast Asian Designers Redefining Traditional Fashion | W Magazine

Georgina for NB

At any mention of South Asian fashion, images of heavily embroidered sarees or even bridalwear may come to mind—and indeed, these are the pieces synonymous with the region. But what may not be such an immediate association are brocade trench coats or distressed, block-print hoodies. These new styles—a blend of past and present, of East and West—are currently drawing in fashion mavericks globally, and are just a few of the designs from labels that make up No Borders, an India-based concept store and brainchild of stylist Kanika Karvinkop.

Karvinkop, who founded the shop in 2017, works with designers like Suket Dhir (an Indian designer who bagged the International Woolmark Prize in 2016), Amesh Wijesekera (a London-based Sri Lankan creative director), and more; she visits their factories, absorbing their individual goals, and ultimately bringing them to her sprawling network of diverse artists. The store is built upon this idea: bringing niche,

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Black Magazine Covers: An Archive of Black Beauty, Creativity and Excellence

If you love Black folks and Black culture it’s impossible to scroll down the Black Magazine Covers Instagram feed without a chill going down your spine. There’s Ralph Ellison on the cover of the Atlantic. Malcolm X on the front page of the foundational Black general interest and news weekly, Jet. Aaliyah’s posthumous elegance on Vibe. The singular beauty of Pam Grier on New York. Denzel on Essence. And then there are the contemporary works of art like Rihanna for [insert any magazine ever here] or a Kadir Nelson illustration for the New Yorker. Sammy Davis Jr. on GQ in 1967—the first Black man to grace this magazine’s cover—in full profile, which was rare in that era, just radiating pure charisma.

GQ talked to the page’s curator, Donovan X. Ramsey about the Black Magazine Covers account. He tells us that when magazines are at their

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How to Get Glowing Skin for Fall, Courtesy of Dior Beauty’s Joanna Czech | W Magazine

“Respect, support, and protect.”

Joanna Czech’s skin mantra may appear simplistic, but under those fundamental tenets lies a detailed, scientific approach to skincare that she’s put to use for her clients across the globe for 35 years. On the subject of skin treatments and beauty products, Czech is unapologetic about prizing clinical efficacy over hype. “I don’t believe in trends—I believe in ingredients,” she says. “I prefer brands that have years of scientific research over things that were whipped up in grandma’s basement.”

It is precisely that plainspoken directness that has helped the skin expert and Dior Beauty ambassador earn not just widespread loyalty from her clients, but credibility. When she’s not toning and tending to the faces in her New York and Dallas spas, Czech is perfecting the complexions of Christy Turlington, Uma Thurman, Kate Winslet, and Kim Kardashian. 

We asked Czech to guide us on the essential skin

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