Victoria Beckham Beauty Launches Posh Lipstick Collection: Details

Spice Up Your Life With Victoria Beckham Beauty's New Posh Lipstick Collection
Courtesy of Victoria Beckham/Instagram

Calling all Spice Girls fans! Victoria Beckham just dropped a Posh Lipstick collection that’s guaranteed to satisfy your ’90s beauty dreams!

On Saturday, October 3, Victoria Beckham Beauty announced it latest line, featuring nine different lippies with muted hues that are a nostalgic nod to the ‘90s. And who wouldn’t want to emulate Posh Spice circa 1997?

“I am excited to celebrate Posh with the launch of Posh Lipstick,” the 46-year-old founder said in a statement from the brand.
“It is deeply personal for me, because lipstick has always given me confidence when I needed it and extra spice when I already had it.”

She continued to explain, “Each shade is inspired by a specific memory, and whilst the moments may have been my own, the energy and emotion is shared by us all.”

Spice Up Your Life With Victoria Beckham Beauty's New Posh Lipstick Collection
Courtesy of Victoria Beckham Beauty

These pigmented finishes deliver a subtle shine

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Victoria Beckham Beauty’s Posh Lipstick is here

It seems like a lifetime ago that Victoria Beckham was known simply as Posh. Now a revered designer at the helm of British Fashion Award-winning brand (just in case you still considered her collection a ‘celeb’ line), Beckham couldn’t be further removed from her previous life as one fifth of the world’s most adored girl band.

But the latest addition to her burgeoning Victoria Beckham Beauty line makes a nostalgic nod to that Nineties past. Beckham’s collection of Posh lipsticks, launching today, is an ode to the Spice Girl’s signature pale-nude lip.

Victoria Beckham Beauty

Posh Lipstick £34

Victoria Beckham Beauty

The nine-strong collection is designed to offer the perfect nude – whether that, for you, means the palest baby-pink or a rich, chocolatey brown. There’s one odd one out, too: the perfect postbox red that’s neither too blue or too orange in undertone, meaning it pops on every

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