Women earn more and are more likely to have jobs when Democrats run the state legislature

Our research shows that the Democrats have delivered increases in economic gender equality. More precisely, our study shows that when Democrats control state legislatures, women’s income, wages and unemployment all improve substantially, relative to those of men.

Here’s how we did our research

To assess whether Democratic or Republican control of state legislatures affects gender inequality in the workplace, we tracked male and female wages, income, poverty and employment in each state annually for a little over three decades. We used data from the census’s Annual Social and Economic Supplement of the Current Population Survey. We then looked to see if women were catching up to men faster when Democrats controlled the levers of state power then when Republicans did. Further, we employed two statistical techniques — regression discontinuity and difference-in-difference analysis — that allow us to isolate the effect of party control from other factors.

In the first analysis,

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We women of the Texas House want a fair shot at leadership positions in the next Legislature

This election cycle more women are running for the Texas House than ever before and if, as predicted, many of them win, there will be more women holding office in the Texas House than at any time in history. The majority of those women will be Democrats.

The Texas Legislature has never been a model of gender inclusion. There have only, ever, been 172 women elected to the Texas Legislature in history compared to more than 5,435 men. There has never been a woman speaker of the house.

No matter who becomes the next speaker, regardless of gender or party, it is long past time that women legislators fully partake in the power of that office by receiving a proportional number of leadership positions, chairs of committees and key committee appointments. With very few exceptions, leadership positions in the Texas House are not reflective of the makeup of women in

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