How Leaving America Is Saving Black Women’s Lives

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Tulum, with its white sand beaches and turquoise waves, has long been a popular vacation destination. Now, with the help of a new Facebook group, Black in Tulum, Black people in America are traveling to the Mexican city in droves. Seeking short or longer term reprieves from the current state of affairs, Black travelers are leveraging the community to build connections, seek recommendations, and share experiences of their time in the city.

Black in Tulum ballooned from 25 members to 3,000 in just a couple of months this past summer, and it’s not the only Facebook community for Black travelers that provides resources and information to help assist with transitions from America to other countries. The group’s founder Nubia Younge is also the co-founder of another group called Blaxit Tribe—Black Americans Who Want to Exit the US & Move Abroad, which boasts more than 7,000

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Interview With Sheryl Sandberg On The Shocking New Stats About Women Leaving The Workforce Due To COVID-19

A new study confirms what many of us have been suspecting, but now we have the concerning stats to prove it: one in four women are now considering leaving the workforce or downshifting their careers because of COVID-19.

That’s the alarming headline from this year’s Women in the Workplace report, which Lean In and consulting firm McKinsey & Company released last week. The comprehensive report—which is the largest study of the state of women in corporate America, involving 317 companies and representing over 12 million employees—marks the first time in six years of the annual report that researchers found evidence of women intending to leave their jobs at higher rates than men. Researchers warned that companies are at risk of losing up to 2 million women, which is already starting to occur according to the Labor Department’s latest report showing that 865,000 women left the workforce in

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Women are leaving the workforce in droves

“You’ve been seeing smoke for a really long time and you finally see the fire,” said Michael Madowitz, an economist for the left-leaning Center for American Progress.

“This looks exactly like you would think this would look if there was going to be an unequal sharing of the extra child care burden.”

The data also suggest that pragmatic calculations are being done in households where women still often earn less than their spouses.

Although attitudes toward gender equality have improved, said Madowitz, the round-the-clock caregiving demands of the pandemic have forced many couples with dual incomes to choose just one: the better-paying one.

“Statistically speaking, that’s still more likely to be the male,” he said.

Multiple crises disproportionately affected women’s jobs during the pandemic, said Kate Bahn, director of Labor Market Policy for the Washington Center for Equitable Growth, which studies economic inequality.

In addition to maintaining their lead role

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WHO Faults U.S. Virus Response; Women Leaving Jobs: Virus Update

(Bloomberg) — A top World Health Organization official said the outbreak at the White House constituted a “cluster,” suggesting that the U.S. had yet to “get this disease under control.” Stimulus talks are in limbo amid President Donald Trump’s positive virus test result.


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Democratic nominee Joe Biden tested negative for the virus, as did several senior administration officials including Vice President Mike Pence. U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who suffered a serious case last spring, sent best wishes as his nation continues to struggle with a severe second wave.

Women, especially those in the age group most likely to have young children, are dropping out of the job market at the fastest pace since the height of the pandemic.

Key Developments:

Global Tracker: Cases pass 34.3 million; deaths exceed 1.02 millionTrump’s age and weight make Covid particularly dangerousTrump infection puts large retinue of White House aides at risk

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1 in 4 Women Consider Leaving Workforce or ‘Downshifting’ due to Pandemic

1 in 4 Women Consider Leaving Workforce or ‘Downshifting’ due to Pandemic
1 in 4 Women Consider Leaving Workforce or ‘Downshifting’ due to Pandemic

The careers of many women may become yet another casualty of the COVID-19 pandemic, new research suggests.

A quarter of women are thinking about either leaving the workforce or “downshifting” their careers because of the coronavirus crisis, according to a new study by management consulting firm McKinsey & Co. and working women’s advocacy group The research included a survey of 40,000 workers, as well as data from more than 300 companies.

Researchers defined leaving the workforce as either taking a leave of absence or quitting permanently. Downshifting, on the other hand, refers to either cutting back work hours — including switching to part-time status — or taking a less demanding job. While the options vary, women taking any of them would likely slow their career’s progression.

Pandemic sparks a host of worries

When asked about the biggest

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Largest Study of Women in Corporate America Finds 1 in 4 Women Are Considering Leaving the Workforce or Downshifting Their Careers Due to Covid-19

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Today, McKinsey & Company and LeanIn.Org released the annual Women in the Workplace report, the largest study of its kind. After six years of slow but measurable progress in the representation of women in corporate America, 1 in 4 women are now considering leaving the workforce or downshifting their careers due to Covid-19. In a single year, this would wipe out all of the hard-earned gains we’ve seen for women in management—and unwind years of progress toward gender diversity.

The report is based on data and insights from 317 companies employing more than 12 million people, along with survey responses from more than 40,000 individual employees. It urges companies to act immediately to avert this potential crisis and includes recommendations for addressing the feelings of burnout and being “always on” for work that many employees are grappling with right now.

“If we had

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1 in 4 women considering leaving workforce or downshifting careers because of COVID-19, report warns

The coronavirus pandemic has the potential to undo years of gains for women in the workplace, according to a massive new study on the state of women in corporate America released on Wednesday.

At least one in four women are considering downshifting their careers or leaving the workforce because of COVID-19, according to the annual Women in the Workplace study from and consulting firm McKinsey & Company. The study involved 317 companies representing over 12 million employees.

This marks the first time in six years of the annual report that the researchers found evidence of women intending to leave their jobs at higher rates than men. Researchers also warned this exodus could possibly undo all the gains women have made in management and senior leadership roles over those past six years.

“The report is really showing the true scale of the problem of what COVID-19 is doing to women,”

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