Machine learning model helps characterize compounds for drug discovery

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Tandem mass spectrometry is a powerful analytical tool used to characterize complex mixtures in drug discovery and other fields.

Now, Purdue University innovators have created a new method of applying machine learning concepts to the tandem mass spectrometry process to improve the flow of information in the development of new drugs. Their work is published in Chemical Science.

“Mass spectrometry plays an integral role in drug discovery and development,” said Gaurav Chopra, an assistant professor of analytical and physical chemistry in Purdue’s College of Science. “The specific implementation of bootstrapped machine learning with a small amount of positive and negative training data presented here will pave the way for becoming mainstream in day-to-day activities of automating characterization of compounds by chemists.”

Chopra said there are two major problems in the field of machine learning used for chemical sciences. Methods used do not provide chemical understanding

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Tulsa school board meets on recommendation to return to in-person learning in hybrid model | Education

low for further COVID-19 safety preparations. Children scheduled to go back to school in-person on Sept. 10 would not return until Sept. 21; most remote classes were similarly pushed back. The delay is part of a deal to avoid a teachers’ strike in New York City and comes

in the wake of protests

and other expressions of concern by teachers and parents across the country. The U.S. is in a unique position that makes sending students back to school particularly daunting: We have the highest rates of COVID-19 in the world with nearly 6 million cases as of Sept. 1,

according to the World Health Organization

(WHO). Surging cases, high levels of community transmission, insufficient testing, and poor contract tracing in the U.S. make it difficult to compare school reopenings with countries where the virus is more controlled.

There are still unknowns about how COVID-19 impacts children, but a growing

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When the time is right: Schools discuss data behind potential learning model shifts

Lutz said he hopes to clarify the decision-making process for area residents.

In the past few days, Lutz said he has received a number of questions and concerns from area families as to why the school has not yet switched learning models, as the current Beltrami County case numbers per 10,000 now seem to warrant it.

Data points

“What I’m hearing is people wanting to know what and when we’re going to move into the new model because the numbers are there, and why we haven’t done so yet,” he said. “The answer to that is first of all, we can’t rely on just one number, one data point. Even if we had only one data point, that data point would have to be the numbers that the Minnesota Department of Health hands out for schools, and that number comes out every Thursday.”

The numbers given to schools from the

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Clovis Unified School District officials create new model for in-person learning

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — Unprecedented time calls for a new action plan at Clovis Unified.

District officials have created a new model for in-person learning as they wait for the states go ahead to reopen elementary schools.

“The challenge is it is going to disrupt current schedules, current teachers, and current classes that they have set now,” said deputy superintendent Norm Anderson.

Those changes are now taking place with the introduction of hybrid learning.

If the state grants the district a waiver, kindergarten through sixth grade students will be allowed back on campus for half of their school day.

Two periods of instruction will be offered, morning and afternoon with a split around lunch time.

“In the middle of the day we have to allow time for cleaning the classrooms and also a check in time,” he said.

Staff will check temperatures as students arrive on campus.

Once their masks

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Leominster School Committee approves hybrid learning model to begin Nov. 9, students can also choose remain remote

The Leominster School Committee approved plans Monday night for a hybrid learning model within its district.

The unanimous vote grants students the opportunity to opt out of the current remote model and into the hybrid model if they’d like. Others, preferring remote learning can remain on that path. Students who switch to hybrid can return to fully remote if necessary.

The vote applies to students in kindergarten through eighth grade and is set to begin on Nov. 9. Students who participate in hybrid learning will have in-person classes either Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday. All students will practice remote learning on Wednesday.

Students in ninth grade will have a combination of a two-week period involving remote and in-person learning. Grades 10 through 12 will continue learning remote with a gradual return to the classroom.

In-person classes will not exceed 16 students to ensure each one is at least

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Pandemic hitting women harder as they sacrifice their career to shoulder the burden of remote learning

As virtual schooling ramps up in some areas, women are being forced to make the choice between caring for their children or prioritizing their own career. This sets up a huge and largely overlooked threat that hangs over women’s participation in the workforce and their recovery from the job losses in the recession.

“So many schools are opening with distance learning, it certainly is a new set of obligations on parents to help their kids move through the day, and we know that women tend to bear the lion’s share of that childcare distance learning work,” said Emily Martin, vice president of education and workplace justice at the National Women’s Law Center.

“As a mom, and I think a lot of women feel this way, we kind of just take it on,” said Gabriela Bradt, a marine biologist and mother of three kids between the ages of four and 11,

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Some parents still nervous as Syracuse City School District starts their hybrid learning model Monday

Posted: Updated:

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The Syracuse City School District is set to welcome students back to class Monday, as the hybrid model will officially be put to the test after a month of online learning. However, some teachers and parents are concerned. 

A cartoon posted by the Syracuse City School District gave students and parents a look at what school will be like come Monday.

There will be temperature checks before students and staff enter each building, and several social distancing protocols will be in place.

Since the school year began, students have been fully remote. 

“We are ready to go on Monday,” Jaime Alicea, the Syracuse City School District’s Superintendent, said. “We are making sure our facilities have all the components needed for the opening of the school year. We have been

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District 54 to offer hybrid learning model starting Oct. 19

Schaumburg Township Elementary District 54 will begin providing a hybrid model of instruction on Oct. 19, offering students their first opportunity for in-person learning this school year.

School board members unanimously approved the plan Thursday after a presentation by administrators.



Parents were emailed a letter immediately after the meeting explaining the option and asking them to decide by Tuesday whether their children would participate in the hybrid model or remain exclusively with remote learning.

The goal is to divide the number of students choosing the hybrid model in half, with each group attending school in person for two days each week. An average in-person class size of eight to 12 students is anticipated.

A similarly limited amount of in-person instruction recently started for some special-education students as well as first-time English learners who’ve moved to the U.S. since the start of the year.

The return of in-person learning will be

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Deep learning model provides rapid detection of stroke-causing blockages

Deep learning model provides rapid detection of stroke-causing blockages
Axial maximum intensity projection images and a heat map in a 60-year old man who presented to the emergency department with new onset left-sided weakness. A, Arterial (phase 1) image shows an abrupt occlusion of the distal M1 branch of the right middle cerebral artery (arrow) with paucity of distal vasculature. B, Venous (phase 2) image shows subtle asymmetry with minimal increased vascularity in the contralateral left hemisphere. C, Late venous (phase 3) image shows prominent increased opacification of the ipsilateral right hemispheric vasculature downstream from the occlusion. D, Heat map shows the most discriminative region (red) that the model used for the correct prediction. Credit: Radiological Society of North America

A sophisticated type of artificial intelligence (AI) called deep learning can help rapidly detect blockages in the arteries that supply blood to the head, potentially speeding the onset of life-saving treatment, according to a study published in Radiology.

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Ex-Porn Star Mia Khalifa Cries After Learning Lebanese Women Love Her [Watch]


  • Mia Khalifa got emotional after learning that many Lebanese women are now supporting her
  • She gained a lot of fans in her home country Lebanon due to her efforts following the Beirut explosion
  • Khalifa raised funds to benefit the Lebanese Red Cross in August

Mia Khalifa has millions of fans worldwide, but she recently got emotional after learning that she has a lot of supporters among Lebanese women.

On Monday, Khalifa shared a clip on Instagram from her interview on the “Sarde (After Dinner)” podcast. The thumbnail shows young Lebanese women and the words, “Mia Khalifa’s fans are Lebanese women.”

“I never lost touch my Lebanese roots, in fact, I feel like as I’ve gotten older and grown into myself, I’ve nurtured them more; this conversation left me feeling validated in my heritage,” she wrote in her post.

During her chat with hosts Mouin Ali Jaber and Medea

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