Not all on board with Dist. 303’s hybrid model for high schoolers

Even as St. Charles High School students prepare to return to school next week as part of a limited hybrid learning model, many community members at Tuesday’s St. Charles Unit District 300 board meeting expressed frustration with the lack of progress in expanding in-person learning.

About 15 people took part in a “Learning is better in person” rally before the board meeting at Thompson Middle School. Several spoke to the board to plea for more in-person learning.



While high school students have been fully remote since the school year began because of the COVID-19 pandemic, District 303 elementary school students have been learning in person. Middle-school students have been learning in a hybrid model.

“While I’m not blaming anyone for this pandemic, I am, however, blaming you for your response to this pandemic,” Emily Leonard, a 2020 graduate of St. Charles East, said to the board members. “I’m crying out

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6 British high street fashion names that could still be saved

It has been one of the toughest years in history for all retailers, globally. In Britain, some of our biggest and most popular firms remain jittery following abrupt store closures during the first stage of lockdown in spring, plus there is a general drop in consumer spending to contend with, as people have less occasions to buy new clothes for. John Lewis announced several shop shutterings amounting to 1,300 job losses, Marks & Spencer will axe 7,000 jobs, and Clarks will cut 50 out of its 345 UK shops.

But for certain high street brands which were already under pressure before the coronavirus crisis, the challenges of this year have pushed them to the brink – or over it, in many cases. The administration packages now being negotiated for these brands, often with foreign investment firms, typically prioritise a future of online-only trading, rather than in bricks-and-mortar retail. As well

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Why Black women face high rates of breast cancer

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The day before she turned 30 and had planned to leave for a celebratory vacation, Sharonda Vincent felt a lump on her left breast while in the shower. She scheduled a last-minute appointment with a doctor at Planned Parenthood, who told her to enjoy her trip because she doubted it was cancerous.

After Vincent returned home to Philadelphia, the mother of one decided to see her primary care provider, just in case. This led to a series of tests, including a mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy. In the summer of 2005, she was diagnosed with stage 2B breast cancer.

“I was numb, hurt, confused, upset, questioning God,” she told TODAY. “It was a complete shock.”

Vincent, now 45, has been cancer-free for 15 years, thanks to the surgery, chemo and radiation she underwent that summer. She’s among the millions of Black women who’ve survived breast

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Tesla Model 3 Price Too High? Dirt-Cheap Used Electric Cars Can Be Good Deals

The used EV has arrived.

It was only nine years ago that the first won’t-break-the-bank electric cars arrived.

Those non-Tesla EVs — like the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt — weren’t priced at $80,000 like the Model S and the first- and second- generations of those cars have been hitting the used car market over the last several years.

And with a Long Range 2020 Tesla Model 3 starting at about $47,000, “dirt cheap” for an EV is anything under $20,000.

A couple of the better sites for used EVs are MYEV and CarGurus.

Most of the used EVs cited below are first- and second-generation electrics that were sold roughly between 2011 and 2017.

Note: all prices are based on a used vehicle

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Where High Fashion, Sweatshirts, and Flyswatters Mix

Photo credit: Courtesy Biden Victory Fund
Photo credit: Courtesy Biden Victory Fund

From Town & Country

Well into Wednesday night’s Vice-Presidential debate, Kamala Harris and Mike Pence were joined onstage by a surprise, diminutive guest. The bug remained on Pence’s head for an inordinate amount of time, but the internet quickly ensured that the moment would remain salient. And by the end of the night, the Biden campaign was offering what Pence had so desperately needed: a quality flyswatter (though he’d probably prefer his sans the Biden-Harris logo and “Truth Over Flies” pun).

Photo credit: Courtesy Biden Victory Fund
Photo credit: Courtesy Biden Victory Fund

This is not the first time that an American presidential nominee has turned to merch to get a point across—it’s not even the first time a campaign’s made a flyswatter. During the 1963 race, Barry Goldwater released “Gold Water,” sold as “the right drink for the conservative taste”; Lyndon B. Johnson countered with “Johnson Juice,” labeled as

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High Fashion Fisherman, Hella Tall, Is Your New Male Model Obsession

A first-generation American and the child of immigrants, Tall grew up in Harlem. His unusual and all too appropriate name represents a merger of African cultures. “My mother was born and raised in Bamako, the capital of Mali in West Africa, and my father was born and raised in Thiès, Senegal,” he says. “My first name, Hella, comes from my mother’s father, Mr. Hella Diallo, and my last name, Tall, comes from my dad’s surname. I guess I was born to be a model!” Correct as that seems, he would never have entered the industry without a little help from fate. The male model was discovered two years ago while working in a Manhattan patisserie. Approached by casting director Daniel Peddle, Tall found himself faced with a decision during his shift at work: to believe the stranger who just suggested he take on one of the most competitive careers around

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Study reveals high levels of discrimination against women in football

Women in Football chair Ebru Koksal. Photo by Stuart Franklin – FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images

Two-thirds of women working in football have experienced discrimination but only 12% reported it to the relevant authorities, according to a study conducted by Women in Football.

The network revealed the findings of its largest-ever survey on Thursday morning, polling over 4,000 members and revealing only 59% believe their organisation celebrates female talent.

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The most common form of discrimination was described as “misused banter” with 52% reporting they had either experienced or witnessed this with 82% stating they had face further obstacles in their football industry career.

Sources: Utd missed all of Ole’s targets
• Study: Women face high levels of prejudice
• England’s party trio won’t play vs. Wales
• Spot-kick legend Paneka in ICU for COVID
• Argentina

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Worldwide High Voltage Cable Accessories Industry to 2025 – Featuring Nexans, Prysmian and ABB Among Others

The “High Voltage Cable Accessories Market – Growth, Trends, and Forecasts (2020 – 2025)” report has been added to’s offering.

The market for high voltage cable accessories is expected to grow at a CAGR of greater than 5.5% during the forecast period of 2020-2025.

Factors such as the growing electricity generation and consumption, along with changing power generation industry dynamics are expected to drive the demand for new transmission and distribution network, which, in turn, is expected to drive the high voltage cable accessories market.

With the growing penetration of renewable energy for power generation, demand is expected to increase for new grids and distribution lines, further promulgating the market during the forecast period. However, the challenges, such as intricate project planning, delay in approval procedures, and funding constrictions for power projects at a global level, are expected to hinder the growth of the high voltage cable accessories market.

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June Ambrose on Hip-Hop, High Fashion, and Her New Puma Partnership

June Ambrose’s impact on fashion is undeniable: the dominance of streetwear, the influx of hip-hop performers in high fashion campaigns, and sneaker culture can all be traced back to the template that Ambrose created in the 1990s. As the stylist for high profile artists like Jay-Z, Missy Elliott, and Diddy, she connected music with the world of European luxury, dressing her clients in looks that remain iconic to this day. Missy floating through the “The Rain” video in a glossy patent leather, Diddy walking through a halo of lights in his shiny suit in “Mo Money, Mo Problems,” and Jay-Z’s and his dapper nightclub suiting in “Excuse Me, Miss”—the list goes on. The imagery would change the relationship between fashion’s old guard and rap’s power players, and go on to influence a generation of designers who grew up immersed in MTV. 

Twenty-five years on and Ambrose remains powerful, her reach

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