Could the Coronavirus Be the Downfall of In-Store Black Friday?

September 17, 2020 at 5:00 am ET

Our ongoing research on U.S. holiday shoppers reveals that the convergence of trends begun in years past and catalyzed by the coronavirus in 2020 may lead to the demise of Black Friday as we knew it. Brands and retailers relying on this annual shopping holiday – and the foot traffic that has historically accompanied it – now need to plan for increasingly digital and dispersed holiday seasons.

This analysis was authored by Victoria Sakal, Morning Consult’s managing director of Brand Intelligence.


2020 finds 52 percent of Americans planning to sit Black Friday out this year, the once-classic occasion that kicked off the holiday shopping season for U.S. consumers, with only 12 percent expecting to shop in-store. This moment is the culmination of a combination of factors – all trends accelerated by COVID-19: an earlier start to holiday shopping reflecting consumers’ experiences with stockouts

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