Amazon Prime Day Shopping Do’s and Don’ts

Amazon Prime Day is soon upon us. The site’s annual sales event takes place on October 13 and 14, 2020. Before the deals start blowing our phones up, we thought it best to put together our own cheat sheet of tips and tricks to help you get the most bang for your buck. Check out our list of do’s and don’ts below.

Do plan ahead

Image of Echo 4th gen, 16:9 scale

We get it. It’s super easy to get swept up in a sales whirlpool. Come Prime Day, there will be so many deals flying around on Amazon that your shopping experience can quickly become overwhelming. That’s why it’s best to sit down before the blitzkrieg and know exactly what products you want to score a deal on. Are you trying to start holiday shopping for your whole family, or do you just want to save some dough on one or two personal items? Our advice

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Omar Apollo’s ‘Dos Uno Nueve’ Is A Contemporary Take On A Corrido

For his fourth single of the year, Omar Apollo takes his alt-pop sound in a different direction. Following the debut of his chilled-out track “Kamikaze” and the sultry single “Stayback,” thecorrido-style ballad “Dos Uno Nueve” finds Apollo paying homage to both his Mexican and Indianan roots.

Affectionately titled after Apollo’s Indiana zip code, “Dos Uno Nueve” features lightning-fast acoustic guitar picking and soulful delivery. Apollo sings of his past hardships and how they’ve informed his current success while also wondering about the personal growth that is still to come. “Quiero ganar mucho más zeros / Y disfrutar de lo que tengo,” he sings.

In a statement alongside the single, Apollo explains why he chose to pen the song about his home state: “’219′ is where I’m from and it will always have a place in my heart. Growing up, I dealt with a lot of obstacles that shaped my personality.

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