Nobel Prize Winners In Chemistry And Physics Discuss Shattering Gender Norm, Redefining Women’s Roles

The first Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded 119 years ago, and on Wednesday for the first time in its history, two women won without having to share the prize with a man. Their groundbreaking development may shift the perception of women in scientific roles, and continue to disrupt the centuries-old mindset that women are second to men in innovation or in any field. 

Dr. Jennifer Doudna, a biochemist at UC Berkeley and French researcher Dr. Emmanuelle Charpentier of the Max Planch Institute accepted the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for developing the CRISPR-Cas9 genetic scissors, a

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When the time is right: Schools discuss data behind potential learning model shifts

Lutz said he hopes to clarify the decision-making process for area residents.

In the past few days, Lutz said he has received a number of questions and concerns from area families as to why the school has not yet switched learning models, as the current Beltrami County case numbers per 10,000 now seem to warrant it.

Data points

“What I’m hearing is people wanting to know what and when we’re going to move into the new model because the numbers are there, and why we haven’t done so yet,” he said. “The answer to that is first of all, we can’t rely on just one number, one data point. Even if we had only one data point, that data point would have to be the numbers that the Minnesota Department of Health hands out for schools, and that number comes out every Thursday.”

The numbers given to schools from the

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District 68 Board To Discuss Hybrid Model Plan At Meeting

WOODRIDGE, IL — A revised plan for returning Woodridge School District 68 students to limited in-person learning in October was voted down during a Sept. 21 Board of Education meeting, according to district officials. Board members asked that more information regarding the revised plan, centered on a hybrid model, be presented and discussed during a special Board of Education meeting Wednesday. The meeting will begin at 7:30 p.m. at Thomas Jefferson Junior High, according to district officials.

Board members asked for more information regarding the learning opportunities under a remote-only option, special education, lunchtime safety, staff feedback and transportation.

Under the revised plan, the first in-person student attendance day is listed as Oct. 22.
22. >> View Sept. 30 meeting agenda

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Wednesday’s special meeting to discuss the topics related

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