SoNo Arts Festival continues this year in new fashion

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CyFair Women’s Club continues mission during pandemic

They’re building a small army of service-oriented volunteers with talent and time to make their community better. Despite the challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic, the Cy-Fair Women’s Club continues to extend their sphere of influence and work ethic to provide assistance for those who need it most in the community.

They can be found behind the concession counters at the Berry Center or distributing food for people in need. They attend monthly meetings to plan their service projects and then act on those plans brightening the lives of hundreds of their fellow citizens. While money is offered to students for scholarships — some $61,000 during 2020 — and aids other charitable organizations in the community, it’s their leadership that most rely on in the community.

One board member put it succinctly.

“While we are primarily a women’s group, we certainly don’t discriminate! We are always looking for civic-minded, service-oriented

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Replicating the New England Patriots’ model continues to be undoing of Bill Belichick disciples

Of all the hopeful Bill Belichick clones, Bill O’Brien got the closest to copying the master’s design.

In the end, the success, the structure, the identity and the culture still amounted to a Xerox copy. It was better than anything reproduced by Josh McDaniels or Eric Mangini or Matt Patricia, but still a failed knockoff of the Belichick template. And as history has shown us, the inability to mask the forgery carries a price.

That debt continues to be paid with a pink slip.

This is going to be the story of O’Brien’s end with the Houston Texans, told in chapters about power struggles, consolidation of authority, overreach, and finally, a failed bid to take a monumental step that ultimately ended in a firing. There will also be a soap opera inside the pages, detailing how O’Brien’s supposed ally, vice president of operations Jack Easterby, somehow avoided the guillotine in

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