Pros and Cons of an Everyday Electric SUV


  • Impressive EV range
  • Dynamic performance
  • Spacious packaging


  • Iffy build quality
  • Steam-bath sun panel
  • Ground clearance

The Tesla Model Y is not MotorTrend’s 2021 SUV of the Year. Nor is it a finalist for the award, or even a contender. Despite our repeated entreaties, Tesla declined to participate in the competition. In order to bring you this review, we rented a privately owned Model Y and evaluated it against our award criteria, but we respected Tesla’s desire not to be considered for our Golden Calipers.

Despite this setback, we feel the Model Y is a significant vehicle for Tesla, for the industry, and for the consumer—and thus it deserves to be evaluated. Richard Hak at Precision One Design in Torrance, California, agreed to rent us his low-mileage 2020 Tesla Model Y Dual Motor Long Range to do so. We found the Model Y scores very well against our six

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