GIFT City: residents express concern

Ayampuzha panchayat representatives meet govt. officials

Ayampuzha panchayat representatives, who met State government officials here on Thursday, expressed concern over takeover of residential areas for the proposed GIFT City project in the panchayat.

They also conveyed their anxiety over the impact of the project on the environment as well as loss of cultivable land.

Industries Additional Chief Secretary Alkeshkumar Sharma and District Collector S. Suhas assured the Ayampuzha panchayat representatives, led by president Neethu Anu, that people’s concerns would be addressed.

Mr. Sharma said that the project involved building a cosmopolitan city, which would be implemented taking the views of people into consideration.

The District Collector assured the meeting that it would be a non-polluting venture and that the upcoming social impact study would address the concerns expressed by people. He told residents of the panchayat not to be fooled by land brokers or middlemen and to approach the government

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