CoinFlip Launches Bitcoin-Enabled Gift Card Marketplace

This is a promoted article provided by CoinFlip.

Despite the progress that Bitcoin has made since its inception in filling the cavernous gaps in the financial system and providing relief to the world’s underbanked, there are some areas where more growth is still desperately needed.

But now, with a new service in addition to its legacy offerings, CoinFlip is addressing those areas of need on two fronts.

CoinFlip already operated some 950 Bitcoin ATMs across the country, offering one of the most friction-free and critical entry points to BTC for those who are underserved by legacy financial institutions. Users can accrue BTC from CoinFlip’s machines with as little as a bitcoin wallet, mobile phone number, name and whatever fiat cash they want to invest.

Bitcoin ATMs like CoinFlip’s are one of the most critical ways that people around the world are accessing Bitcoin. And, to complement this service, CoinFlip is

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