Jodie Turner-Smith | Jodie Turner-Smith: Beauty cheers me up

Jodie Turner-Smith uses beauty to “cheer herself up”.

The ‘Queen and Slim’ actress is inspired by her mother’s mantra towards beauty and would regularly get glammed up to make herself smile.

She shared: “I think something that I always love that my mom always would do is that she would use beauty to cheer herself up.

“If she were feeling down, it would be especially in those moments that she would glam up. And I feel like that. I kind of took that on as I got older and it was like literally putting on something could make my mood better.”

Jodie is the face of Profumo di Fiori, Gucci Bloom’s newest fragrance, and she revealed that her and her mother used to always “bond” over scent.

She added: “I love incense. I love my essential oils.

“I love flowers that have fragrances. I just love aroma. It’s just something

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