The Case For A More Human Leadership Model

Bruno Guicardi is President of CI&T, the digital solutions partner driving lean digital transformation for the world’s biggest brands.

Best-selling author Gary Hamel recently shared some stats that represent a startling reality: “Only one in five employees believe their opinions matter at work … and one in 11 say they can influence important decisions.”

Much has been said about employee empowerment and a work environment that’s more inclusive, but the discussion tends to center on talent attraction and retention as if this was only an HR issue. My provocation in this article is that we should look at empowerment in the workplace as our best bet to tackle the ever-increasing unpredictability in the business environment and to thrive as a business.

The 20th-century formula to solving problems in which companies analyzed the situation, broke it down and came up with a detailed plan doesn’t work anymore. In the

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Apple to Allegedly Rekindle ‘MagSafe’ Brand for Magnetic iPhone Case and Wireless Charging Accessories

A Chinese Weibo account going by the name “Kang” this morning posted allegedly accurate information for every product set to be announced at the upcoming Apple event on October 13, including details and launch dates for the full iPhone 12 lineup, and the rumored HomePod mini.

In addition, the original post also claims that Apple will announce a new magnetic iPhone case with “MagSafe” and two official Apple wireless chargers called “MagSafe Charger” and “MagSafe Duo Charger,” one or both of which will have a 15-Watt power output.

The “MagSafe” brand name will resonate with readers who remember Apple’s magnetically attached MagSafe power connector, which first appeared on MacBook Pro models in 2006 but despite its popularity was eventually discontinued across all Apple product lines between 2016 and 2019 and replaced with USB-C.

Back in August, images shared on Weibo that were said to be from the ‌iPhone 12‌ depict

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Defense pushes back in robbery case over alleged COVID-19 statement

SAN FRANCISCO — In April, the Northern California U.S. Attorney’s office announced it had charged two women with robbery charges that carry a maximum 20-year sentence because they allegedly yelled “we have COVID” and coughed on a Walgreens manager who interrupted their shoplifting.

Both the special agent in charge of the San Francisco division of the FBI and the Bay Area’s top federal prosecutor took the rare move of issuing public statements on the case, the former calling it an intolerable act and the latter saying in a written statement that, “everyone suffers from a crime like this.”

But in recent court records the attorney for one of the women has accused federal authorities of misleading the public, in part because the government’s news release left out this detail: the women — one of whom was homeless — were accused of shoplifting six bottles of body wash, with an value

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The Retro C64X is back! New Retro Model Joins Re-Launched Classic Retro PC Case – Press Release

FAREHAM, Hampshire, UK, Oct 08, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — My Retro Computer Ltd is excited to announce the re-launch of its My64 branded retro case and the launch of its MyVic20 branded retro case. Carrying on the retro theme from Commodore USA’s 2011 release of the now legendary C64X, which provided the inspiration for My Retro Computer’s first retro case product now branded My64, My Retro Computer has now added a second retro case product under the brand name MyVic20.

My Retro Computer Ltd believes that the re-launch of the My64 and the launch of the new MyVic20 offer PC self-build enthusiasts the opportunity to create a modern Mini ITX based computer within a retro PC case. Whether the first home computer you adored was a C64 or a Vic 20, you can now go back to the future and create your very own personalized modern PC within the retro

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Opinion | Barkha Dutt: The Hathras rape and murder case reveals everything that’s rotten about India

At the capital’s Safdarjung Hospital, where I first met the victim’s family, her younger brother Sandeep told me: “We have struggled alone. My sister had just gone to fetch fodder for the cattle at home. We found her lying in a pool of blood with no clothes on.”

She fought valiantly to live. She had been lying strapped to a hospital bed for 14 days. Her limbs had been broken, and she was paralyzed. Her attackers used the scarf she was wearing to strangle her, and her tongue had been cut. The daughter of impoverished daily wagers, she was moved from town to town and from hospital to hospital. “Take me home” were her last words.

Her killing and its aftermath have shamed us into confronting all that is rotten in India’s system.

Initially, the media had mostly overlooked the horror, as it was fixated on the coverage of a

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Election-Induced Volatility Highlights Case for this Model Portfolio

With Election Day just a few weeks away, advisors may be examining avenues for reducing volatility within client portfolios.

The Volatility Management Model Portfolio, which is part of WisdomTree’s broader universe of Modern Alpha model portfolios, can accomplish that objective.

The Volatility Management Model Portfolio is “designed for investors who seek to incorporate alternative investments into a traditional portfolio using ETFs. Volatility Management is a reference to including non-traditional assets in addition to stocks and bonds in order to reduce overall portfolio volatility as measured by annual standard deviation. This model portfolio was previously known as the Alternatives Model Portfolio,” according to WisdomTree.

This model portfolio could be particularly relevant from now into year end.

“2020 has been an incredibly unpredictable year—but it’s not over yet. As we enter Q4, another rise in COVID-19 infections seems imminent, uncertainty surrounding the election’s outcome is rising each day, and Congress remains at

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Apple’s smart rings could recharge in an AirPods-style case

A future control system for Apple devices like Apple Glass could consist of finger-mounted “smart rings” with research suggesting that charging the peripherals could be accomplished with an enclosure similar to the AirPods charging case attached to a VR headset.

When devising the future of computer-human interactions, companies have many things they have to consider, ranging from the form factor to how each interaction fundamentally works, to the design and the perception of the user to others as they use it. One key area is power, one that is especially useful for wire-free hardware.

While there have been attempts to use smart rings on fingers as a way for a user to control a computer, they have typically taken the form of an actual ring, usually as a fairly large and clunky piece of hardware. Slimming down the size of the ring may make it more appealing to

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After wedding outbreak, Millinocket area has gone over a month without a new virus case

While an early August wedding in the Millinocket area sparked Maine’s largest outbreak of the coronavirus, that part of the state has now gone more than a month without recording any new cases.

State and local officials think the quick decisions by people in Millinocket, East Millinocket and Medway to close down businesses and organizations in the immediate wake of that outbreak, and to step up mask wearing, probably helped to bring it under control.

Town offices and businesses were closed after the outbreak. Local schools delayed their opening by two weeks. The Millinocket hospital postponed a number of nonessential services.

Those three towns still have recorded some of the highest infection rates in the state since the start of the pandemic: East Millinocket, which saw 20 cases among residents after the wedding, still has the state’s fourth highest per-capita case rate, for example. But the last time either of

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Protests Erupt in India Following Woman’s Death in Rape Case

(Bloomberg) — A series of rapes committed on women from India’s lowest castes are making national headlines across the South Asian nation of 1.3 billion, fueling street protests and social media outrage that’s put Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration under the spotlight.

A 19-year-old woman from the Dalit caste — the lowest rung in Hinduism’s complex social hierarchy — died in a New Delhi hospital on Tuesday, two weeks after she was allegedly gang raped by upper caste men from her north Indian village. Her mutilated body was found by her mother in the fields of her village in Hathras, in Uttar Pradesh.

Anger was already simmering in the country over her death but it spilled onto the streets Wednesday and Thursday following news reports that local police cremated the woman’s body in the middle of the night without her family present. Network station NDTV showed her relatives pleading

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