InventHelp Inventor Develops Improved Design for Reusable Shopping Bags (OTW-498)

PITTSBURGH, Oct. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — “I was shopping at various stores and thought there could be a better way to carry and keep track of my purchases,” said an inventor, from Philadelphia, Pa., “so I invented BETTER BAGS. My design eliminates the hassle and waste associated with traditional shopping bags.”

The patent-pending invention provides an effective reusable shopping bag for transporting groceries or other items. In doing so, it ensures that multiple bags are readily available for use. As a result, it increases convenience and storage space and it could help to reduce plastic bag waste. The invention features a durable and practical design that is easy to use and store when not in use so it is ideal for the general population. Additionally, it is producible in design variations.

The original design was submitted to the Ottawa sales office of InventHelp. It is currently available for

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Moms make COVID isolation gift bags for quarantined ASU students

“Water, Gatorade, just some fun snack foods… there’s a jump rope, a deck of cards,” said one of the moms.

ARIZONA, USA — A group of ASU moms are coming together this weekend to make 300 COVID isolation gift bags for Sun Devils quarantined on campus.  

It’s a collaboration of hundreds of ASU moms in a Facebook group online and others from out of state.  

“An army of ASU moms that are preparing care packages for ASU students that have tested positive and are in quarantine,” said Sue Rigler, who knows the struggle they’re going through. Her daughter contracted COVID-19.  

“She tested positive quite some time ago,” she said. “She’s very healthy now, but she was in quarantine for 10 days.”  

During that time, Sue sent her daughter a care package.  

“It didn’t have a smiley emoji stress ball in it, but it had mashed potatoes and bananas,” said Rigler.  

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How a founder bootstrapped her fashion startup to a profitable $2 million in revenue with bags made of apples and no investors

Samara CEO Samila Visram, right, and her sister Samara, left.
  • Samila Visram founded sustainable fashion brand Samara in 2017 after she couldn’t find a bag that was “cruelty free, simple, and elegant.”
  • The brand sells bags, clothing and accessories made from ethically-sourced sustainable materials like apple leather, bamboo and castor oil.
  • A chunk of the company’s profits go to supporting Visram’s other venture, Soular, which provides children in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania with backpacks that have solar-powered lights so they do homework without expensive kerosene.
  • Visram said Samara is profitable and has been “since day one,” generating $2 million a year in revenue.
  • Doing small production runs, maintaining a staff of four who perform many roles, and handling projects like photoshoots in-house have all helped keep costs down, Visram said.
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Bags made out of apple leather. Sunglasses made out of castor oil.

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Fall golf gift guide 2020: Minimal bags, fitness devices, comfortable shoes top this year’s list

Fall is here, and the holiday season is right around the corner. This year’s fall golf gift guide includes a few tried-and-true items but also a couple of newcomers to the category. From clothing and clubs to shoes and technology, there is something for everyone no matter their age or experience level.

Hope you enjoy perusing either for yourself or someone in your life who you think could use some new golf gear. The items below have been chosen from a variety of categories so as to ensure there are great options at multiple price points.

Whoop Band ($30/month | Whoop): I’ve been wearing one of these for the last two months, and I love it. Because I work out almost daily and have started caring more about how much sleep I’m getting, the Whoop device provides the feedback I want for how fit I am in the present and

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The Right Bikepacking Bags to Fit Any Style of Adventure

My first bikepacking trip was a simple venture in college: riding an ancient aluminum cruiser across farmland Minnesota, stopping in small towns for coffee and ice cream. The most recent trip was an overnight gravel grind in my new home state of Wyoming, with my dog Bea running with me. And my favorite was a ride down the Baja California Peninsula, ending in Cabo with three other very sweaty and dusty gringos.

Each adventure was different yet enjoyable in its own way. Sometimes 24 hours without cell service is the perfect elixir for a rejuvenated work week. Other times it takes 1,000 miles and a healthy serving of suffering to find a full reset. Through these journeys I’ve tested dozens of packs, gradually picking out my favorites for each style of adventure. Some are good for light-and-fast strike missions, others better for expeditions where durability, organization, and watertight seals

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LOL! Saweetie Hilariously Dresses Up Her $70K Birkin Bags For A Reality-Style Skit, And Now They Are IG Famous

It’s safe to say that Saweetie is officially obsessed with her Hermès Birkin bags! If you don’t believe us, keep scrolling to see how the “Icy Girl” rapper took her love for the highly-priced handbags to new heights. 

For those who may be unaware, this is not the first time that Saweetie has expressed her passion for the popular bags. In fact, she dropped into an impromptu split when her rapper boyfriend Quavo gifted her two Birkins for her 27th birthday. 

See for yourself! 

Now, that’s a celebration! 

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With a growing number of designer bags that boast a price tag of more than $10K each, the 27-year-old wants to make it clear that she has no favorites. 

Over the weekend, the “Tap In” rapper posted this hilarious reality-style skit imagining the inner thoughts

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