Syracuse Women’s Lacrosse Commits Second From Ursuline Academy: Chloe Jones

Chloe Jones is the second player that the Syracuse Women’s Lacrosse team picked up in the class of 2022 from Ursuline Academy in Delaware. She joins righty midfielder Superia Clark, who just so happens to be her best friend. 

Jones says that her and Clark would fantasize about playing lacrosse together at Syracuse as early as middle school.

“We were looking at colleges in eighth grade and we were like, ‘oh my gosh, we would love to go to Syracuse, it would be a dream’,” Jones said. “So it’s kind of crazy that our dreams are coming true right now.” 

Jones wants to go on the pre med track, and Syracuse’s programs fit the bill.

“It [Syracuse] is known for it’s premed so I really like that,” Jones said. 

Jones was also drawn specifically to Syracuse’s lacrosse program because of the energy they bring to the field. 

“Syracuse had big celebrations…you could just tell like the sisterhood and how they all worked super hard,” Jones said. “They were all super happy about how all their hard work and dedication paid off.” 

Jones is predominantly a defensive midfielder, and says she has two main strengths that she is going to bring to the Syracuse Women’s Lacrosse team.

“My biggest strengths could be my athleticism and my speed,” Jones said. “It helps me win ground balls and carry the ball through transition.” 

Jones also had a few people to thank. The first person she named was Dante Jones, her father. Ironically, this was also the first person that Superia Clark named too. 

“He really got me into the sport and without him I wouldn’t be anywhere I am today,” Jones said. “He walked me through the recruiting process with him, you know being a coach and everything. He really just did the major dad role and I love him.” 

The other person she gave thanks to: Feffie Barnhill, her coach at Ursuline Academy. 

“She’s also grooming me to be an amazing player,” Jones said. “She’s so wise and everyone knows her to be a legend and she lives up to those words. I really am so thankful for her as well.” 

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