Subway superfans have sandwich-themed wedding and serve subs to guests

This couple had a Subway-inspired wedding (Picture: Subway)

It makes sense to combine the bride and groom’s common interests on their wedding day.

And that’s what couple Grace Tran and Davies Duong did on their big day.

The pair, from Sydney, Australia, realised their mutual love for sandwich chain Subway and decided to incorporate their affinity to the brand into their nuptials.

Grace and Davies gathered in front of 100 of their closest friends in Sydney as they said ‘I do’.

Naturally, they wanted the ‘third member of their relationship’ – Subway to be part of the whole thing.

The bouquet was decorated with the wrapper used for the sandwiches and the cake was inspired by the brand’s signature colours.

Hearing about the fans, the brand supplied hundreds of sandwiches and cookies to serve on the big day.

Subway sent in hundreds of subs, cookies and even a custom-made cake (Picture: Subway)

‘Subway has been a part of our relationship for as long as I can remember,’ said bride Grace.

‘We often grab Subway each week as our choice of takeaway and have even eaten it on our anniversary before.

Check out the bouquet (Picture: Subway)

‘No matter where we are, there is always a restaurant nearby to serve us our favourite subs – meatball for Davies and teriyaki chicken for me.’

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A manager for Subway, Amanda Templeton, said she is delighted for Grace and Davies and hopes the couple continues to mark their milestones with the company.

A sub to suit all guests (Picture: Subway)

She said: ‘These loved-up superfans deserve to have their Subway wedding dreams come true and we’re proud to be part of their special day.

‘We can’t wait to see how they’ll continue to celebrate with Subway over the years to come.’ 

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