Stressed Out? Unwind With These 3 Accessories

PUT A RING ON IT Jewelry designer Marla Aaron’s Trundle Rings, part of her Fiddling Series, include tactile rolling attachments that keep nervous fingers occupied.

ANXIETY-RELATED Google searches hit an-all time high this year. Nail biting is a definite no-no, but there are chicer ways to unwind. This season, designers have introduced accessories that could help calm racing minds. Three potential soothers:

1. Ring It On

When jewelry designer Marla Aaron isn’t keeping calm via extreme knitting (it’s a thing, really!), she’s fidgeting with her baubles. The sort of hand-wringing and necklace-twirling that nervous energy induces inspired her new Fiddling Series: charms, rings and locks that will keep your hands busy. The Trundle Ring (from $2,500,, which can be embossed, dotted with Braille or studded with precious stones, incorporates a rolling attachment that you can spin all day. “They’re extremely tactile,” said Ms. Aaron.

2. Walk It Off

If pacing to hit that 10,000-step mark is your calming compulsion of choice, consider knitwear designer Victor Glemaud’s latest launch: super-soft wrist straps made for


newest smartwatch($40, Available in three colorways, including a gold-and-red chevron stripe, these inviting bands might persuade you to strap that step counter onto your wrist instead of letting it idle on the charger all week.

3. Hug It Out

If curling up for a good snuggle is how you relax, consider embracing Marc Jacobs’s teddy bear backpack($295, We could all use a cuddle this fall, and since squeezing other humans is risky, why not get your warm, fuzzy fix safely by accessorizing with plushiness?

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