School of Law gift will strengthen Creighton’s ties to Jewish community | Sponsored Features

In 2021, law students will attend local high school visits coordinated by the Institute for Holocaust Education during its “Week of Understanding” — a program in which Holocaust survivors share their experiences. With fewer and fewer survivors remaining, Creighton will strive to keep their stories alive.

“Through this innovative partnership, Creighton is equipping our most precious asset, our students, to address this particular form of racism in a profoundly meaningful way — one which builds on a historically strong relationship with our Jewish community,” says Michael Kelly, JD, Creighton professor and State Sen. Allen A. Sekt, JD’36, Endowed Chair in Law.

Kelly, who accompanies students on the annual trips, says the program continues the law school’s long relationship with the Jewish community. He notes that the namesake of his own endowed title was Jewish, as were Milton Abrahams, BA’26, JD’27, HON’86, and Philip Klutznick, JD’30, HON’56, who endowed the legal clinic and law library. And for more than 20 consecutive years, the law school was led by two Jewish deans — Larry Raful and the recently deceased Rodney Schkolnick. 

“Now, with this new and innovative chapter,” Kelly says, “the School of Law more fully joins forces with the Jewish community to engage in Holocaust education.”

The importance of this partnership can’t be overstated, says Howard Epstein, JD’96, executive director of the Jewish Federation of Omaha Foundation. 

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