Princess Diana’s style ‘was awful’ when she was younger, says The Crown’s Emma Corrin

The actor portraying Princess Diana in the upcoming season of The Crown has spoken about how the royal’s fashion evolved over the years, saying that her “style was awful” when she was younger.

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In the upcoming fourth season of the hit Netflix period drama, viewers will be introduced to a young Lady Diana Spencer, played by Emma Corrin, as she meets her future husband, Prince Charles.

While Princess Diana went on to become a global style icon, her sense of style was not always up to par, Corrin says.

“That was something I loved about it,” the 24-year-old told Entertainment Weekly.

“Basically, I loved young Diana. You can’t understand old Diana – older Diana – properly without understanding a 19-year-old living with her flatmates, going on her first date with Charles. You need to understand the trajectory that she underwent. But her style was awful.”

Corrin outlined how the second time Diana met with Prince Charles, she was wearing a pair of yellow dungarees, which the actor found “awful”.

“I just wanted to cry. I was like, are you joking? Awful. And those sweater vests,” she said.

Video: Emma Corrin: My mother came to my Princess Diana wedding dress fitting (Cover Video)

Emma Corrin: My mother came to my Princess Diana wedding dress fitting



“It really shows that fashion is something that grows with you. I’ve certainly found that. If I look back at pictures of me when I was younger, oh my god. Nightmare!”

Earlier this month, Netflix released a first look of Corrin in a copy of the world-famous wedding dress that Princess Diana wore to her nuptials in 1981, which was designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel.

Corrin said it was “incredible” to wear the gown.

“It was wonderful. I actually really enjoyed the fittings for the dress,” The Crown star said.

“I’m really terrible at fittings, I’m the biggest fidget in the world. I think the whole sewing-tailor team hated me. But I found it fascinating because they literally had to build the wedding dress around me and it took ages. It was a very interesting process.”

Corrin remarked that being “sewn into” the dress made her feel “at one” with the garment.

“It makes you feel incredible ‘at one’ with the thing you’re wearing when you’re kind of sewn into it inch by inch. Yeah, it was an amazing moment,” she said.

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