Playoffs are set, let’s go shopping!

The Major League Baseball playoff roulette wheel starts on Tuesday, so you’ve still got a little time to find a team that’s worth betting in the futures market. 

I have a live bullet on the Chicago White Sox to win the World Series at 60-to-1 from last November. That was an incredible bet at the time as it came just days before the Sox signed Yasmani Grandal to jump start their offseason. They eventually added Dallas Keuchel, Edwin Encarnacion and Nomar Mazara while also giving a massive contract extension to Luis Robert. 

The Sox dipped to around 40-to-1 by Opening Day and PointsBet Sportsbook is now dealing the South Siders at 15-to-1 to win the title. The relative value is all but gone on the Sox at this very moment, considering their skipper has proven over the last two weeks that he cannot manage a baseball game. 

… but I digress. There are still a couple teams worth a poke on the odds sheet.

Odds via PointsBet Sportsbook
Dodgers +350
Yankees +600
Rays +600
Padres +850
Braves +900
Athletics +1100
Twins +1200
Indians +1500
Cubs +1500
White Sox +1500
Astros +1700
Reds +2000
Cardinals +3300
Marlins +3300
Blue Jays +3500
Brewers +4000


I’m not going to sit here and wax poetic about the Dodgers and Yankees. This isn’t that type of column. I don’t find it beneficial to tell you that the two biggest favorites are great bets to win the World Series. 

Let’s go a little deeper. 

The Atlanta Braves (+900) are an offense that just won’t quit. They led the Major Leagues in hits, doubles and OPS and finished second in runs scored, homers and RBIs. Whew. That’s a team I can invest a little extra change in. Atlanta has the bats to pound their way into the World Series. I’m actually not too scared of the Dodgers either knowing that manager Dave Roberts can mess up a postseason series at any moment. And then there’s Playoff Kershaw. 

Another team that may be worth a flier is the Cincinnati Reds (+2000). They won again Sunday with more late inning heroics against Minnesota to cap off a run that saw them victorious in 11 of their last 15 games. The Reds are getting hot at the perfect time and momentum like that goes a long way in baseball. That’s the type of team that feels like they can win every game right now. And their 1-2-3 pitching punch of Trevor Bauer, Luis Castillo and Sonny Gray is about as good as it gets. 

Splitting a unit on Atlanta and Cincinnati to win the World Series sounds like a good plan to me. 

Who do you got?

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