Party involving 50 to 100 teens puts hybrid learning model at Milton High School at risk, school officials say

A party in Milton that saw between 50 to 100 teenagers attend has put the town’s hybrid learning strategy at risk, school officials said in a letter to the community on Sunday.

The letter, signed by Superintendent James Jette and Milton High School Principal Karen Cahill, said the school could not confirm if any students attended the Friday party but the fact it took place in Milton “is still concerning.”

“We as a district do not condone this type of behavior, and it goes against everything we have been asking the community to do to help ensure that our schools stay open in a hybrid model during this global pandemic,” the letter said.

The letter reminded parents and guardians of a different note the school sent to families on Sept. 14 reminding them of safe practices to ensure a hybrid learning model could take place.

The school district is asking parents and guardians who know that their child attended the party to monitor the student’s health and contact the school.

School officials have met with the Milton Public Schools COVID Metrics Advisory team, which is monitoring the situation and plotting out which steps to take next if necessary.

“This is a community effort and we need the cooperation and support of all! We need to keep our staff and students safe, and that can only be done if we all work together as one community where everyone is following the same guidelines put into place due to COVID-19 restrictions,” the letter said.

The party is not the first that has derailed schools in Massachusetts.

In Sudbury, a couple and their high school-aged child face charges in connection with a drinking party that forced school administrators at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School into all remote learning.

Dover-Sherborn Regional High School started the year remotely after a party of about 150 students.

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