Outfit And Accessories For Men This Year

A virtual New York Fashion Week marked the beginning of another fashion season and even though the shows were held in a different manner this year, there are still tons to discover. For one, breaking out your favorite fall sweaters and boots begins the wardrobe shift from the summer.

There are many ways to feel excited when it comes to dressing up this fall, whether it’s taking style cues from your favorite celebrity, a movie, a show you’ve been watching during quarantine, or simply leaning into the fall 2020 fashion trends we saw on the runways earlier this year.

Now that the collections have started to hit the shelves, we’ve listed some of our favorite pieces that focus on sustainability, comfort and style. There are rugged outerwear and blanket dressing, which offer a warm and comfy take on the stay-at-home style. When it comes to accessories, a lot of designers are converting summer sandals into fall footwear with the addition of a pair of socks, while others are choosing to add elevated loafers or chunky, no-nonsense boots to their wardrobes this fall.

Rugged overwear Show you mean business with this overwear from Taylor Stitch. Photo: taylorstitch.com

Nothing beats the timeless appeal that a high-quality watch can provide. Though watches are technically an all-year-round accessory, darker colored watches tend to blend more with the earth tones naturally associated with the coming of fall. 

This brown and gold vintage leather from KLASSE will complement any ensemble you can think of. The rustic yet refined leather strap and the restrained gold case offer unparalleled class and will pair nicely with a dark blue jacket or sweater quite nicely. Check out their entire selection of watches to find the right one to suit your fall style.

Keeping with the earth theme for this fall, boots and sneakers also benefit from a little darker shade. Footwear tends to lean towards the darker side of the color spectrum, but this fall is the perfect time to bust out those light and pastel browns, even some darker tones of orange can work.

We had to feature these Clementine Brown Sneakers. The shade of brown they used for the top is just the right amount of playful without going into gaudy territory and the muted burnt orange rubber lifts the sneakers just a bit, serving as a focal point to your overall style. You simply can’t go wrong with them.

If you want to see other amazing fall footwear from Baabuk and Taylor Stitch, then be sure to head on over. 

Make this fall 2020 yours by making sure that your style is what you want. Whatever the latest fashion trends are, there’s one simple truth when it comes to fall fashion: Wear it thick and wear it dark. If you follow our simple guideline or if you want to be a little more experimental with your fall outfits, remember to just have fun and express yourself!

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