JoJo and Jordan Reveal Replanning Their Wedding Is a ‘Blessing and a Curse’

Mr. and Mrs. Rodgers, coming to you in 2021! JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers got real during an exclusive interview with Us Weekly about replanning their wedding after the coronavirus pandemic forced them to postpone their big day.

“We had almost everything in place,” the 29-year-old former Bachelorette told Us while discussing the couple’s partnership with The Knot. “We know that we’re going to have to sort of shift some things or maybe do some re-selections. Thankfully, our vendors have been incredible. So we were able to keep the same vendors. But with the wedding being postponed almost an entire year, you know, there might be new things that come out, new colors, different types of furniture. So in my mind, this is a whole process again, just to confirm that we still love everything that we chose months and months ago.”

Rodgers, 32, chimed in to “clarify” that Fletcher is the one who is going “through the whole process over again.”

The sports commentator explained, “She sees new shiny objects on Instagram and on social media all the time. She’s like, ‘Oh, my God, this is beautiful.’ And I’m like, ‘Yes, but I thought we already planned that. We picked that one already.’ You know, the delaying is blessing and a curse.”

Fletcher and Rodgers, who got engaged during season 12 of The Bachelorette in 2016, were set to wed on June 13.

“We obviously were bummed that we have to postpone it a whole year. But it’s 100 percent the right decision,” she told Us. “We’re super happy to wait it out and have everyone that we love there for when it does come.”

For now, the couple are still moving forward with the planning progress, including setting up their registry with The Knot.

“The platform is so seamless, it’s so easy,” Fletcher told Us. “It has everything that we would have wanted, it’s like a one-stop shop. And we also were able to do more than just retail products — we have cash funds, we have a charitable contribution. … It honestly makes things so much easier, not only for us but I also think for the guests.”

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