Ikea to BUY BACK customers’ old and unwanted furniture in return for gift cards

IKEA has announced a new buy back scheme where shoppers can trade in unwanted furniture for gift cards.

The second-hand furniture sold back to Ikea will then be made available for other customers to purchase.

Ikea is launching a new 'Buy Back' scheme for shoppers


Ikea is launching a new ‘Buy Back’ scheme for shoppersCredit: PA:Press Association

Products described “as new” and without scratches will be eligible for a voucher worth 50% of its original price.

This goes down to 40% for items that are “very good” – so minor scratches – or 30% for “well-used” goods with several scratches. 

The vouchers will have no expiry date to discourage shoppers from buying furniture that they don’t really need.

Shoppers are warned that they may be able to sell your items at a higher price than what your voucher would be worth through second-hand selling sites like eBay, Gumtree or Facebook selling pages.

Make sure you do your research online before you trade in any furniture.

Here's what the Ikea 'Buy Back' website looks like


Here’s what the Ikea ‘Buy Back’ website looks like
Ikea shoppers will be asked to choose their item from a list


Ikea shoppers will be asked to choose their item from a list

For items given back to Ikea, the Swedish retailer will set up “As-Is” areas in stores for other customers to buy the goods second-hand.

If it can’t sell any sold-back items, Ikea will recycle them.

To sell your old furniture, shoppers need to fill out a form on the new Ikea “Buy Back” page on its website.

In this form, choose which Ikea item you’re selling and confirm which condition it best fits into. You’ll then be given an estimated voucher price.

Staff will check that your item is as described when you return it, so make sure you’re accurate or you could end up with less money on your voucher.

The form allows you to enter multiple products in one go, although it’s not clear if there is a maximum amount you can sell back.

Once you’ve finished adding your items, choose which store you want to return your items to, as well as which date you’ll be visiting.

The website will give you an “estimation number” which staff will use to bring up your details, so remember to make a note of this.

There’s also a QR code which you can scan on your smartphone to bring up your order.

All products must be taken to the returns desk of Ikea stores – the retailer won’t arrange for someone to pick up your goods.

Items must also already be assembled and not modified in any way.

Not everything sold from Ikea is eligible for the “Buy Back” scheme, so if you can’t find your item listed on the website then it won’t be included.

Ikea couldn’t give us an exact number when we asked how many products are included, but it says its list features popular furniture such as dressers, drawer cabinets, display storages and tables.

The “Buy Back” scheme is available now in Edinburgh and Glasgow stores and will launch in all other Ikea UK and Ireland shops on November 27.

Ikea has 27 stores in the UK – use the store finder tool to see where your nearest one is.

Peter Jelkeby, country retail manager and chief sustainability officer Ikea UK & Ireland, said: “Sustainability is the defining issue of our time and IKEA is committed to being part of the solution to promote sustainable consumption and combat climate change. 

“With the launch of Buy Back we are giving a second life to many more IKEA products and creating more easy and affordable solutions to help people live more sustainably. 

“It is an exciting step forward in our journey towards becoming a fully circular and climate positive business by 2030.”

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