I use my son’s baby clothes as toilet paper

This brings new meaning to “baby wipes.”

Wiping your mouth on your shirtsleeves might seem impolite — however, it’s not nearly as eyebrow-raising as this eco-friendly TikTok mom who reportedly uses her 18-month-old’s stained clothing as toilet paper. A video detailing the family’s unconventional recycling scheme currently boasts a million views on the platform.

“When baby Fern’s clothes get too stained to wear, they become toilet paper,” explains the robot narrator in the clip, which was posted earlier this month by mother of one Alice. The accompanying footage zooms onto a pile of baby onesies-turned-bathroom tissue stacked neatly atop the family loo.

Alice, who is reportedly raising her baby to be vegan, later confirmed in the comments that she rewashes the improvised bum wipes after each use.

Perhaps surprisingly, the majority of TikTok commenters were onboard with the notion of repurposing tot couture as toilet paper.

“That’s actually genius especially because the fabric of the clothes is softer than the towels,” gushed one fan, while another wrote, “You’re my biggest life inspiration.”

A third commenter added that their mom did the same with all their baby clothes when they were a kid.

Alice likely would’ve been viewed as super resourceful during the COVID-caused toilet paper shortages of 2020.

“Yoooo that is so smart alice!” fawned another supporter of the eco-friendly measure. “But id be way to sentimental to wipe my but with a favorite onezie.”

Alice likely would’ve been viewed as a resourceful prophet during the COVID-caused toilet paper shortages of 2020.

This sartorial reuse seems tame compared to some of the environmentally conscious mama’s other green schemes. In a series of controversial, now-deleted videos, Alice reportedly admitted to allowing Fern to sleep whenever he wanted and letting her tyke eat sand and rocks, and even refrained from slathering him with sunscreen.