How to Comfortably Pose for Outdoor Wedding Photos During the Colder Seasons

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Winter weddings offer a host of beautiful scenery options—snow capped mountains, a cooler color palette, and deep green foliage—but they also come along with their own set of challenges. One example? How do you pose for outdoor wedding photos when the temperatures call for parkas and mittens? According to these two photographers, you do it by planning ahead.

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Wear Warm Wedding Attire

Well before the big day, photographer Jenny DeMarco says you should start thinking about attire for your outdoor wedding photos. Of course, you’ll already have your dress, but it’s important to look for outwear and accessories that make it look like staying warm outdoors was the plan all along—throwing a coat over your gown just won’t cut it. DeMarco suggests vintage faux fur wraps and cute scarves, and also urges her couples to give everyone in the wedding party a set of disposable hand and foot warmers before they head outdoors.

Another wise idea? Bring a few pairs of warm shoes to your wedding dress fitting and see if it’ll be possible to hide them beneath your gown. Having warm, dry feet will make it easier to stay outdoors for a longer period of time. Plus, getting your big-day heels wet will mean you have nothing to change into ahead of the ceremony and reception.

Posing for Warmth

Additionally, DeMarco says couples can get a jump on that honeymoon intimacy during the photo session and cuddle close for warmth. “It looks great in photos,” she says. “In addition, sometimes we can use the ‘supermodel’ trick and have bridesmaids on standby with the bride’s warm coat.” If you don’t want to lug your coat around, Arden Ward Upton, owner of Arden Photography, suggests using a super luxurious spa robe. “These are easy to throw over the bride’s shoulders and don’t wrinkle the dress,” Upton says. “We do this often while moving from location to location if they get a chill. They also make for cute photos.”

Warming Stations

If all else fails, you can build time into your photo session to come inside and get warmed up. Upton says the perfect place is inside by the fire if the location you’re shooting at has one. Also, don’t forget about piping hot beverages. You can request hot chocolate or coffee be supplied at your location ahead of time so that the wedding party can take frequent breaks to warm up. You may also want to stagger your photo sessions so that your wedding party and family members can cycle in and out of the cold to warm up between shots. “For example, while we do brides with the bridesmaid, we have the grooms wait by the fire.”

Have Fun

Upton says that your end goal should be to have fun—if you’re enjoying the process, you won’t mind a few minutes of cold. “The snow and inclement weather can be a bit unpredictable but with a little planning, no matter the weather outside, we can always make sure our couples warm hearts for each other shine in photographs.” And if it’s absolutely too cold to stand outside for your photos, you can always relocate to an alternate location inside where it’s warmer.

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